Flying dream meaning: Sign of happiness, powers, and ascension

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Flying dream is very common especially during the times of celebrations, happiness, and euphoria. Seeing oneself soar gradually and gracefully is the sign of comfortable ascension in public life while seeing oneself soar like a bullet represents extremely sudden ascension in the public sphere and also in the spiritual realm.

The person who saw the flying dream is likely a Siddha (who has several powers) or is on the verge of becoming a Siddha.

Sudden and swift soaring and anxiety (if there) could be a sign of inconvenience and fear it would soon bring in the waking life of the dreamer. But if it is smooth soaring and the person is seen enjoying the act in the flying dream then it is the mark of the soul who does not fear ascension.

Seeing oneself fly in the air is also a sign of a free soul and also a soul that often wanders outside its human vessel. This soul likes sacred and old knowledge and may be drawn to the mystical side of Hinduism due to one of past lives.

But seeing a flying dream in which a broom is used by the dreamer, then it is the sign of comedic relief available to a person stuck in a mundane situation. Such a person is often a day-dreamer and likes to live in a world of fantasy. Easy to amuse, harder to take seriously, this person could be anyone’s best friend in happy times and also the sad ones.

Seeing oneself land gracefully is the mark of a person who has mastered the Siddhis/Different Powers and will be able to conveniently use them at any moment he/she wishes.

However, if the sudden landing is seen in the flying dream, then, it means that the soul is trying to make the body absorb the Siddhis (which are very harder by the way). It would take time before the mind, body, and soul would work in coordination and use the Siddhis properly.

So sudden descent is a mark of an immature Siddha.

Please read Angel Number 1008 and Angel Number 33 for information and background as such a dream would come to someone on a spiritual path only after vibrations of these two have entered the life of the dreamer with full force.

If one sees a particular place, especially a Temple like Ramanathaswamy Temple or a pilgrimage site like Kedarnath Temple, where the soul is seen landing in the flying dream then please make it a point to visit that place as the next ascension level i.e. the Bodh state would begin from there.

Please do not fear ascension, it is natural for souls to eventually melt into the Supreme Soul.

Lord Narsingh dream meaning: Powerful love from the Supreme Source heads your way!

However, if one feels vulnerable then, simply say that you do not desire any further ascension would like to return to the old life and the entire process would stop.

By Namta Gupta