Angel Number 33: Twin Flame union is coming, be cautious!

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Angel Number 33 and Angel Number 22, in particular, are signs of Twin Flame unions. But since their vibrations are really high hence they usually come in the dream state when a person is about to wake up or sees either of these two numbers right after getting up.

Angel Number 33 means that the person’s Twin Flame has entered the person’s space and is now closer than one can think.

When Angel Number 33 appears, then be cautious as the Twin would feel the anger, the resentment, and fury in magnified proportions due to lack of distance between the partners.

At this stage, the person is advised walking in nature to keep one’s mind steady and free from anger.

Angel Number 33 also represents coming into union with the forces who have always taken care of the person like the Devas or the Angels.

Angel Number 22: Love, Money, and Draining the Stale Energy!

At this time they may be helping the person on a day-to-day basis extending protection or working alongside.

The person who saw Angel Number 33 may have a predominantly golden or purple aura and maybe standing at the threshold of life-altering but positive changes. This person may also be in touch with his/her own higher self on a regular basis and may have ended karmic cycles by his/her own efforts.

In short, the unnecessary heaviness and load from the past may have been shed from the person to make way for the Supreme Soul’s consciousness to enter their space.

Angel Number 33 seeing people may have seen Angel Number 1008, Lord Ganesha dream, and Shivaling dream or are regularly seeing these in their waking hours in recent days.

If Angel Number 22 and Angel Number 33 appear in a dream, then these two represent ascension to the Siddha level.

After seeing Angel Number 33 the person may also soon see Angel Number 111 again and again, till the person unites with his/her Twin Flame.

After the appearance of Angel Number 33, butterflies of predominantly yellow and blue would start appearing in a dream state delivering spiritual messages which the person’s soul would decipher for him/her. It is a lengthy process and it would take up to two months. However, material gifts and financial success would soon also enter the person’s zone, hence, a patient outlook is needed.

Are you looking for a Twin Flame of yours? Looking for signs?

By Namta Gupta