Lord Vasuki dream meaning: Dreamer has great potential!

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Lord Vasuki dream is a sign of great things expected out of a dreamer.

Lord Vasuki appearing in a dream is a highly potent sign for those who desire oneness with the Supreme Soul. Lord Vasuki is depicted as the snake ‘garland’ that hangs around the neck of Lord Shiva. In short, Lord Vasuki is constantly one with Lord Shiva and that is how much close one can get to the Supreme Soul if desired.

Lord Vasuki represents Dharma, Karma, and Yoga needed on the part of the person to reach the highest spiritual level while still maintaining the autonomy or identity of their own soul.

If Lord Vasuki’s silver idol or a picture is seen in a dream without Lord Shiva, then it means that the dreamer’s complete outlook towards spirituality would change in the future.

If in the Lord Vasuki dream, He is seen with Lord Shiva then it means that the spiritual beliefs need a stable mind and the dreamer needs to work on it earnestly.

Those who see Lord Vasuki slithering or swaying in a dream should know that their Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) is developing at a rapid pace and this would enable them to manifest things or breakthroughs through visualization.

Those who see Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya with Lord Vasuki may learn to understand that all of them speak of Dharma. And that the Dharma can only be elevated or stand up on the back of solid spirituality.

Seeing a black stone Shivling with Lord Vasuki inside the mound means that nothing exists without spirituality.

In the Lord Vasuki dream, if the Lord grants a flower of any hue to the dreamer means that the spiritual awareness is rising in the dreamer.

Lord Vasuki slithering and biting the dreamer means that the gateway to spirituality is opening due to the divine’s blessings.

Those who see Lord Vasuki sitting alone in meditation must understand that the answer to the most troubling questions comes to the seeker in the meditative state.

Lord Vasuki ready to jump or fly in the dream means that the ascension of the soul of the dreamer has begun.

By Namta Gupta