Number 1 Million meaning: Prepare yourself for superabundance!

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If you are the lucky one seeing number 1 Million repeatedly then know that a million blessings with regards to love, wealth, and health have been granted to you. This would make you a very healthy, rich, and robust person. The Supreme Soul Lord Ganesha says to watch out for money opportunities in the 7-days hence and be open to receive love.

If you saw Number 1 Million in the lucid dream stage then you must know that this dream is all about glory for self and leads to changes in an upside-down way, hence, prepare yourself properly to handle it. Expect phone calls, messages of love and admiration, ardent followers, or something bombastic or surreal that you desired but never had the guts to acknowledge in the waking life, heading your way after seeing Number 1 Million in a lucid dream.

Expect significant growth with regards to health and wealth, as I mentioned earlier, and also growth in mental abilities. The Ajna (Third Eye) and the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra will become more powerful. Anahata (Heart) Chakra will also feel more open and inviting for more positive experiences and energy.

Number 1 Million is the sign of superabundance in terms of health, wealth, and happiness of all hues. This is the sign of the Universe that the desires of the person are in complete alignment with the larger plans and thus are being granted.

Marriage, health, career advancement, and success in many shades would come knocking as soon as this number is seen in the dreams as it is an exceptional number to see.

Number 1 Million is also a sign that what began with a whimper is now approaching a fiery climax.

Those seeking love of that special someone would meet him/her in a matter of 3 to 4 days either online or offline or in lucid dreams.  If you happen to see a sparrow dream in which the bird is of the opposite sex (you are a female and see a male sparrow and vice versa) then know that a fated union approaches finally.

As I mentioned, some may find changes in the Anahata Chakra (Heart space) as well, because the energy stream flows unbridled and leads to intense awakening during this phase. Some may get minor headaches or palpitations which would subside as soon as they come and a lot would start happening around you. Therefore, staying calm is essential at this stage.

Number 1000: Walk with the Kings, but don’t lose the common touch!

By Namta Gupta