Spiritual awakening: Why do some people hear buzz in the left ear only?

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During spiritual awakening, people often start to hear a buzzing or ringing sound in the left ear. The left part of our body is the side or the seat of Shakti or the feminine energy.

Even when we see our face in the mirror, the left side would seem more feminine than the right.

Now, some people say that they face tinnitus like buzz, ringing, or naad only in the left ear during spiritual awakening.

This sound is due to the integration of powers that are of feminine nature. The left side ringing is the sign for advanced level Siddhas that their feminine side, the nurturing or the caring side is lacking grounding and that this energy has been squandered away on unworthy and ungrateful subjects to an extent that it has become depleted at an alarming level and is now rickety.

As this Siddha’s feminine energy stands depleted, yet, he/she stands firm in the path of spiritual awakening, hence Supreme Soul’s feminine energy would rush in to balance and add weight to the feminine energy against the heavier masculine energy to correct the energy balance within.

It takes time and may end only after the ultimate blessing of Goddess Durga i.e. She giving a pink lotus to the person in a dream or vision. This usually also ends all the processes within the body; healing, deleting the unnecessary and replenishing what was depleted.

This ringing isn’t due to a damaged ear or hearing going weak; it is just the sound of the feminine energy entering at a rapid pace to fill the void. Once the process begins there is no way that it could be stopped hence, be mindful and continue to first ground yourself before diving into the path of deep spirituality. The sound of this buzz may seem like tinnitus but it isn’t permanent and may only last around 2 to 3 years.

Continue to live your normal life and pay a visit to an Ear specialist as soon as the ringing begins. It is always better, even for those in the path of spirituality, to know what is happening with us and in detail.

Seeking help to clear our doubts is absolutely necessary, so please heed this advice.

Left side ringing will usher in significant blessings like more creative and expressive energies and also general energy. Soon one may find that he/she isn’t living a dry life anymore and isn’t passing his days as a lazy toad. One may see lucid dreams, visions, and may earn friends of the stable kind while also distancing from those who do not value or respect you. In case, lack of love has been an issue for you and you find yourself unable to seek it, then expect a breakthrough during this phase and be prepared to immerse yourself in this energy. Self-love, self-respect, and taking care of self everything has to become an important part of your life.

Eventually, the belief system would change and the left side ringing would stop permanently. But at best, it shouldn’t take more than 3 years since by then the feminine energy would get replenished provided adequate steps have been taken by the Siddha. During this phase reciting Durga Chalisa and chanting Hindu beej mantra ॐ (sounds like om) would help immensely.

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By Namta Gupta