Spiritual awakening: When and why do we see flash-type light?

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Spiritual awakening leads to one getting several divine gifts.

During spiritual awakening, the Supreme Soul sends us these gifts to allow us to help ourselves and also aid other seekers as and when required.

The flash-type light that one starts seeing during meditation or while sleeping often leads to visions or dreams which are extremely important. The flash is in a way the ‘energy’ of the Supreme Soul that often ‘appears’ to deliver important messages, visions, and also to keep the seeker steady in Dharma.

This flash may come to clarify raging doubts and also to show some tit-bits of the future.

The flash-type light is also reflective of one’s own powers as it means that the person is indeed taking messages from the Highest and the Most Sacred Power, or the God Almighty.

This experience or the gift isn’t granted to everyone. It is for those seekers only who have entered the higher spiritual awakening stage.

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This is also a huge sign that the person has developed a bond strong enough to draw Supreme Soul’s full attention and love towards self.  Ability to astral travel, lucid visions, knowledge of astrology, and even the ability to correctly predict the future will soon arrive for this person as he/she becomes more adept at handling these divine powers.

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The only thing that this person needs to do is to keep the balance between his/her masculine and feminine energy so as to continue to absorb more powers on the path of spiritual awakening.

Those who see these lightning and flashes before or after a dream or a vision technically are seeing what they are meant to see and learn.

There may also be chances that this person sees lots of divine energies and is also earning visitations from higher spiritual beings (if they haven’t started visiting as yet).

The flash-type light experience may not be too noticeable in the beginning. This would usually come before the beginning of the vision or the message very like a curtain-raiser and most likely would again strike at the end of the said message and then the person would know that the message is over and, be able to break from it.

If due to external stimuli the messages aren’t delivered, then one may request for the re-run at an opportune time. The only thing is to keep an open mind and write everything down so as to understand what is implied clearly.