Rajnath Singh: Blockchain tech and others are posing new security challenges

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Is blockchain technology a threat to India?

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was addressing the gathering after inaugurating the 24th All-India Forensic Science Conference in Ahmedabad on 10th February 2018.

Here said that the Government has decided to establish a Cyber Crime Reporting Portal to report Cyber Crimes Against Women. We will also establish a dedicated Cyber Crime Laboratory to stop Crimes Against Women and Children.

He further said that the Centre is preparing a huge infrastructure for Crime Control.

“We have come up with the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems. By connecting this centralised database with courts and forensic labs we will create an Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System,” said Rajnath Singh.

But then he added that the new and emerging technologies such as the blockchain also pose a security threat! He said:

“New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, Robotics and Internet of Things are posing new security challenges before us. Forensic experts should transform these challenges into opportunities.”

Blockchain technology can eliminate the 3 crore pending court cases

This he opined right after Amitabh Kant had said that this technology is an asset and can be utilized to bring transparency in the land dealings.

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are already seen with suspicion in India but the blockchain was getting positive coverage. But now it seems, that not all are convinced about it either as the country is unprepared to neutralize its disadvantages.

NIC officers must be exposed to Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Namta Gupta