Space Agency of United Arab Emirates has this to say to ISRO!

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Dr.Mohammed AlAhbabi, the Director-General of Space Agency of the United Arab Emirates hailed ISRO for its Chandrayaan 2 mission.

He said that the loss of contact with the Indian spacecraft, Chandrayaan2 which was planned to land on the Moon, is not the end of the success. It is a new space experiment proving that India is a great space power.

The Director-General of Space Agency of the United Arab Emirates also extended ‘all the support from the UAE Space Agency and the UAE’ to the ISRO, highlighting that the entire world was watching Chandrayaan 2 with bated breath.

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He also said that ‘we are closely monitoring developments regarding the loss of contact with the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan 2 during its Moon trip.’

Like NASA, the AlAhbabi also highlighted that the ‘space missions face many challenges, but giant attempts are full of knowledge that paves the way for future achievements and successes.’

The UAE Space Agency also issued a statement assuring its full support to the ISRO following the loss of contact with the spacecraft, Chandrayaan 2 which had to land on the moon.

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UAE Space Agency highlighted that ‘India proved to be a strategic player in the space sector and a partner in its development & achievements.’

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