10 Photos Prove That Sanjeeda Shaikh And Aamir Ali Are A Perfect Couple!

Sanjeeda Shaikh and Aamir Ali

Popular TV actors Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh married each other on March 2, 2012. It’s been three years since the couple tied the knot, but the love between the two keeps getting stronger with time.

The love affair which began during the rehearsals of the popular dance show Nach Baliye brought telly world’s two very talented actors extremely close to each other. It was then that it struck Sanjeeda that, ‘My life will be very beautiful with this man!’

The couple has no kids as they want to wait a while before they start a family. Given the hectic schedules and long shooting hours of the TV actors, it is definitely an onerous task to manage time between family and work commitments. Both the actors are highly professional, and respect each others’ work.

Aamir’s mother is however of the view that the couple should have a kid very soon. She earnestly wants to become a grandmother.

Aamir believes that it is best to spend as much time as possible with his beautiful wife before a young one enters the family.

Aamir and Sanjeeda have always painted a pretty picture together, and we have 10 pictures to prove that they are indeed perfect for each other.













Both of them are very comfortable and relaxed in each others’ company as can be seen from the pictures above. We wish Sanjeeda Shaikh and Aamir Ali the very best of coming times, and hopefully, we will hear a very good news from them soon.