Kangana Ranaut condemns Sweden riots, says intolerance made her stop going to Mosques

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New Delhi, August 29, 2020: Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut condemned the Sweden riots that have led to massive damage to public property.

The actor said that she saw many videos and pictures humiliating Hindu Gods with even Hindu Holy Books targeted but no one was hurt. She says that this is the tolerance of Hinduism. But then she also added that the intolerance of Islam made her skip her visit to Mosques.

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In this week itself, I saw plenty of videos and pictures humiliating Hindu Gods, even using our holy books as toilet paper, we didn’t hurt a single innocent being, love this tolerance of Hinduism but intolerance of Islam has made me stop going to mosques, SHAME.

Sweden riots began late yesterday laid bare the situation of law and order in the country after an incident of Quran burning by far-right activists brought Sweden’s Malmo to a halt. Know more about the incident here.

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