Arun Jaitley targets Rajiv Gandhi, brings Bofors back in the game (Full statement)

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Union Minister Arun Jaitley is not letting Rahul Gandhi go easily. While Rahul is going after PM Narendra Modi with ‘Chowkidar chor hai,’ the Minister has gone after Rajiv Gandhi and brought in the Big B with ‘Bofors.’

Here is what Arun Jaitley said of Rajiv Gandhi and Bofors:

“Why is Rahul Gandhi so disturbed if integrity issues of the Rajiv Gandhi Government are raised? Why did Ottavio Quattrocchi get kickbacks in Bofors? Who was the ‘Q’ connection? No reply has come.

The Dynast can attack the integrity of India’s Prime Minister – a man of utmost honesty. Does he believe that the dynasty does not have to answer any questions?

Congress member files complaint against Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Netflix for ‘abusing’ Rajiv Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was also assassinated and yet Congress is questioned about Emergency and Operation Blue Star.

When an Economist turns into a politician, he looses sense of both economy and politics.

Dr. Manmohan Singh left behind in 2014 an economic slowdown, policy paralysis and corruption. He brought down his party to lowest ever strength in Parliament. India was a part of the fragile five.

Today he regards the World’s fastest growing major economy as disastrous.”

Rajiv Gandhi remembered on his birth anniversary for the wrong reason!