India Afghanistan to sign extradition treaty, cement friendship

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The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the signing and the ratification of the Extradition Treaty between India and Afghanistan today.

This treaty would provide a legal framework for seeking extradition of terrorists, economic offenders and other criminals from and to the Afghanistan. The move comes as Afghanistan’ s President Ashraf Ghani is set to visit India on 14th-15th of September and he will be holding discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During his visit, the two leaders are due to discuss economic cooperation and India’s role in the region. India is a friendly entity in Afghanistan and now also has the back of the USA who is concerned about the growing Haqqani network.

India and Afghanistan must ensure safety of their civilians and assets

India, Afghanistan and Iran have also signed a tripartite agreement  that will turn the Iranian port of Chabahar into a transit hub bypassing Pakistan. Japan is also reportedly keen to join Chabahar as it sees it an investment destination further cementing the three nations in an economic bond.

Narendra Modi’s pitch for Baloch liberation has also found favour with Afghans who recently protested against Pakistanis who raised anti-India and anti-Modi slogans.

The inauguration ceremony of the renovated Stor Palace in Kabul showed the excellent relation that Ghani and Modi share.

While all this does show that the two nations are now very close at the people-to-people level, the same cannot be said about them when it comes to political level. What would be interesting to note is how the two nations tackle the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan which has targeted not just Afghan nationals but also Indian embassy and officials. It is. therefore, very important that the two nations work towards anti-terrorism framework soon.

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