Maldives revokes state of emergency, India welcomes it

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The Maldives has revoked the state of emergency following exhaustive back-channel diplomatic parleys. Earlier, the Indian government had refused to send troops to the nation to either topple or diminish the hold of dictator Abdulla Yameen despite opposition demanding it unequivocally.

India swiftly welcomed the move by the Yameen government which was banking too heavily on the trio of China, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. In a press note, India said:

“We welcome the revocation of the State of Emergency in the Maldives. While this is one step towards addressing the issues related to the prevailing political situation in that country, a number of concerns expressed by the international community still remain to be addressed.

We, therefore, call upon the Government of the Maldives to restore all Articles of the Constitution, to allow the Supreme Court and other branches of the judiciary to operate in full independence, to promote and support the free and proper functioning of Parliament, to implement the Supreme Court’s Full Bench order of 1 February 2018 and to support a genuine political dialogue with all opposition parties. It is important for the Government of the Maldives to ensure credible restoration of the political process, as well as the rule of law, before the elections are announced this year.

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As a neighbour whose security is closely intertwined with that of the Maldives, India wishes to see a stable, peaceful and prosperous Maldives that meets the aspiration of its citizens.”

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