Me Too strikes Vinod Dua, daughter Mallika Dua tells Bhakts and RW Trolls to F*** Off (Statement)

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After Vinod Dua, was found in the Me Too soup after filmmaker Nishtha Jain named him in a lengthy post, his daughter Mallika Dua took to Twitter and addressed Nishtha by telling her that she shouldn’t have dragged her.

She also called out Bhakts and RW Trolls and asked them to F*** off.

Mallika Dua also said that while she will stand by the Me Too Movement, yet it would be wise to not force women to give statements for entertainment. At last, she cleared that this is her dad Vinod Dua’s battle and she will let him fight it and also that Mallika is with his father Vinod Dua in it.

Here is the statement Mallika Dua wrote:Capture

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Meanwhile, Twitter is again burning with reactions: