Canadian opposition to move motion in support of India, as Trudeau tries to salvage reputation

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It can only be described as historic that the Canadian opposition is backing India against Justin Trudeau who is trying to salvage his reputation after being accused of harboring Khalistani elements in his government.

Trudeau had tried to defend himself over invite to Jaspal Atwal, a known Khalistani, in India through a vague assertion made by his national security advisor in which the latter had claimed that some rogue Indian officers were behind the Atwal invite and that it was undertaken by India to embarrass Trudeau.

Riding on this assertion, Trudeau told the Parliament that:

“When one of our top diplomats and security officials says something to Canadians, it is because they know it to be true.”

Opposition Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer slammed Prime Minister over this, calling these accusations against India ‘bizarre.’

In a statement, Scheer said that “it’s alarming that Justin Trudeau does not understand the seriousness of the accusations he is making against the Indian Government. He must clearly explain the facts behind his conspiracy theory.”

India, not willing to take the jibes, also shot a strong rebuttal yesterday stating that “GoI, including security agencies, had nothing to do with the presence of Jaspal Atwal at an event hosted by Canadian High Commissioner in Mumbai or invitation issued to him for Canadian High Commissioner’s reception in Delhi. Any suggestion to the contrary is baseless and unacceptable.”

In a previous statement again, the opposition leader Scheer had said that it’s irresponsible for Trudeau to make such an accusation without any proof, and, that his partymen are demanding that Trudeau provide Canadians with the facts.

The opposition leader also expressed concerns over the antics of Justin Trudeau which have seriously damaged India-Canada relations.

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But here is the biggest news of it all, now, the Opposition party has stood by the Indian government, against Trudeau which can only be described as historic.

The opposition is now moving a motion in the Canadian Parliament on Thursday to condemn Khalistani separatists and pledge support to India’s unity and integrity.

The motion reads:

“That the House: (a) values the contributions of Canadian Sikhs and Canadians of Indian origin in our national life

(b)Condemn in the strongest terms all forms of terrorism, including Khalistani extremism and the glorification of any individuals who have committed acts of violence to advance the cause of an independent Khalistani state in India

(c) Stand with a united India.”

Indo-Canadian ties flourished under Stephan Harper, ex-PM of Canada, but have deteriorated under Justin Trudeau.

By Namta Gupta