Hindus become one of the most trusted groups in New Zealand, Evangelical Christians hit bottom

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A surprising survey taken a month after the terror attack at the Christchurch Mosque reveals surprising details.

The survey titled ‘Who do we trust in New Zealand?’ by Simon Chapple and Kate Prickett also noted that there was no evidence of ‘Islamophobia’ in the post-shootings’ responses in the form of any unusual trust deficit displayed towards Muslims.

Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, and Atheists turned out to be the big winners when it came to earning the trust of the fellow Kiwis while the Catholics and the Evangelical Christians came at the bottom.

While just 4.3% said that they had no trust at all in the Buddhists, some 6% said the same for the Hindus. For the Catholics the ‘no trust at all’ parameter shot up to 7.7 much ahead of the Muslims that stood at 6.3%. But the Evangelical Christians topped the ‘no trust at all’ category with 13.7% people giving them a thumbs down.

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There are some 89,000 Hindus in New Zealand while the 2013 Census also recorded some 58,000 adherents to Buddhism.

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A previous report titled “Faith and Belief in New Zealand” noted that about two percent of people in New Zealand identify with Hinduism while about five percent believed in multiple Gods.

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