Malaysian Hindu writes an open letter to Zakir Naik

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First and foremost, even writing or mentioning your name is repulsive to me.

By the way, what do you know about loyalty to a country? You are an international criminal and fugitive wanted for money laundering in your own country. Your country gave you name, fame, wealth, power but you stabbed your country in the back. You are a wanted man in many parts of the world. YOU BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

You are banned in a Muslim Majority country of Bangladesh. Banned in the UK, Canada, USA, Singapore, and Sri Lanka and you are not qualified to teach me about loyalty to my country. Your hate preaching has earned you this “prestigious” position of being BANNED in so many countries and you are unable to step on the Motherland that you were born in and earned wealth from. YOU BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

India is a secular country. We know of many great Muslims of India, including the Bollywood legends. You earned hundreds of millions of US Dollars through the TV Channel which your Government gave to you to speak about Islam. But instead, you used the TV Channel for bad mouthing and attacking your own country and other peace-loving religions. YOU BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

Yes, you have found a safe haven in Malaysia to play with the Muslim sentiments in Malaysia but let me remind you that most good Muslim Malays see you as a blundering ingrate. Many of them are wondering where you are getting money from to sustain your luxurious lifestyle in Malaysia. Money laundering again? They see you as a disgrace and disloyal person. It will be game over soon for you.

Well now that I have proven that you are a disloyal citizen of your country let me tell you why I am a very loyal, patriotic and proud citizen of my country together with most of my other Malaysians of Indian Origin.

We came here from many generations ago, like most other Malaysians, and we contributed to the development of the country. We built roads, railways, worked in rubber plantations, in the government, in the security of the country, in business enterprises and we have done all this through our hard work as Proud Malaysians.

You, on the other hand, are a fugitive in your country because you have betrayed your country. Unlike you, a disloyal citizen of your country who thrives on sowing hatred, I am a proud citizen of my country like all my fellow Hindus and Indians. YOU BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

I had to sacrifice my higher education under the New Economic Policy so that my fellow Bumiputra Brothers could be given the opportunity in my place in local and even foreign universities, even though I excelled as a Grade One student in school. You, on the other hand, were given minority privileges in your country and after taking all the privileges YOU BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

I did not get any special contracts in my country so that my Bumiputra Brothers could get those contracts and improves their economic status, which the British had denied them when they ruled over Malaya.

I and many of my fellow Indians from the Minority segment of society worked very hard to improve our economic position on our own merit, we did not get minority privileges as you had.

You, on the other hand, were even given a TV Channel by your country to help you but your spewed venom and promoted hate speeches and betrayed your country. You are a now a wanted international criminal and fugitive. YOU HAVE BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

We have lived an honest and dedicated life in Malaysia by working hard. We earn honest (what you call as halal) money to feed our family and children. You, on the other hand, did money laundering and even your sisters have been called in for investigation by the government of your country because there is so much money in their bank accounts from being involved in these illegal transactions, which you call haram.

All my best friends are Malays and Muslims. We have not only friendship but even love for each other for what we are. We respect and accept our diversity. We have grown up from childhood with this love and unity. And you Naik, on the other hand, are spreading hate, dividing people with poison speeches and creating terrorist on the basis that some strange heaven awaits them for causing sorrow and pain in this world. You are a disgrace to your country. YOU HAVE BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

I am taught in my great religion and in my great country that women are to be respected and we even have women in god forms in my religion. But you said in your speech that women are public property. My religion exalts women, so you obviously know not what you are talking about. You are a disgrace to your country. YOU HAVE BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

Naik, your days are numbered. I am sure the long arms of the law will get you soon. You can go on with your silly hate speeches for a while more to get the sympathy you are looking for but Karma is already wrapping the noose around your neck. You cannot fool all the people all the time. The moment is not far when you will face the wrath of the law.

Naik, you are disloyal to your country, not me or my fellow Malaysia brethren of Indian origin.

You are disloyal to your Prime Minister. You say bad things about your Prime Minister. We are very loyal to ours and when we disagree with him we tell him so. YOU HAVE BETRAYED YOUR COUNTRY, NOT US.

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Each time you speak we see so much of stupidity coming out of you. Your time is surely up.

May the law get to you soon.

Pardip Kumar
A Proud, Patriotic & Loyal Malaysian Citizen

Malaysian Hindus’ loyalty questioned by Zakir Naik

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