Malaysian Hindus loyal to Narendra Modi says Zakir Naik

International Museum Expo, 2023, Narendra Modi, India

Zakir Naik, wanted by India, is now making life tough for Malaysian Hindus.

P Ramasamy who is the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II has taken a strong stance against Zakir Naik for questioning the loyalty of Malaysian Hindus towards Malaysia.

In an article published in the Free Malaysia Today, dated August 11, 2019, the leader noted that in his recent speech in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, Malaysia, where he was a special guest, the Indian preacher called Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad as the best Muslim leader of the Islamic world. He praised the nonagenarian PM Mahathir bin Mohamad ‘for standing up to the atrocities against Muslims’ and even boasted that leaders of western nations may get arrested in Malaysia for their crimes against Muslims in Iraq and other Islamic countries.

Ramsamy also said that Zakir Naik angered the non-Muslims for ‘disparaging and belittling’ their religion which has made him acceptable to ‘some section of the right-wing conservative Islamic forces.’

The CM II also noted that in Kota Bahru, Zakir Naik ‘couldn’t help himself from a mischief’ that is hurtful to the Hindus in Malaysia.

Naik ended up comparing the Hindus in Malaysia with the Muslims in India and claimed that the Malaysian Hindus enjoyed more than 100% rights compared to Muslims Indian Muslims.

The FMT article says that Naik also ‘said that it was unfortunate that Hindus in Malaysia, despite the benefits, are more loyal to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi than to Mahathir.’

Ramasamy later wondered as to who is Zakir Naik to question the loyalty of Hindus or Indians in Malaysia?

The CM II also said that Zakir Naik should not forget more than 80 percent of Hindus voted for the leadership of Mahathir Mohammed in the last general elections and added that naik ‘really thinks of welfare and wellbeing of Muslims in India, he should voluntarily return to India and not hide in Malaysia as a fugitive.’

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Ramasamy ended the comment stating that the Malaysian government might be kind and considerate to him, but then he should not take it for granted as though he enjoys perennial immunity in Malaysia.

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