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Indonesia: Hindu Pura desecrated in Eastern Java

Indonesia woke up to desecration on a Hindu Pura in which three statues were also desecrated. Pura means Temple in the local language. The desecration has been reported by major newspapers like the CNN Indonesia. The reports state that three statues in Pura Mandara Giri Semeru Agung, Senduro Lumajang East Java, were destroyed by unknown […]

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Tengger: The ethnic minority which protects Hinduism in this remote part of Indonesia! (Pics)

For the people of Indonesia, Mount Bromo is an iconic tourist destination. The active volcano 2.392 meters high above sea level, surrounded by sand and spectacular sunrise view gives Mount Bromo a charm which has successfully drawn millions of local and foreign tourists. Based on the data gathered by BBC Indonesia, there were 380,000 domestic […]