Indonesia: Hindu Pura desecrated in Eastern Java

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Indonesia woke up to desecration on a Hindu Pura in which three statues were also desecrated.

Pura means Temple in the local language.

The desecration has been reported by major newspapers like the CNN Indonesia.

The reports state that three statues in Pura Mandara Giri Semeru Agung, Senduro Lumajang East Java, were destroyed by unknown perpetrators on Sunday (18 February 2018) night.

The perpetrators targeted the Dwarpala statues which stand at the main gate. An axe was found stuck in the head of one of the Dwarpala statue while the hand of another Dwarpala statue was chopped by the unknown perpetrator.

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An investigating officer said that this was a new occurrence in the area in which a Hindu worship place has been targeted.

People have been told to remain calm while the investigations are on.

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Hinduism is a minority religion in Indonesia, a moderate Muslim-majority nation, however, it is well known for Bali which is a Hindu majority island in the country. Bali thrives on cultural tourism which is essentially based on the Shiva-Buddha teachings and Hinduism.