Hindu family beaten up by perpetrators to grab their property

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Perpetrators attacked Hindu family at Suapur Union of village-Atanipara of Dhamrai Upazila of Dhaka district, Bangladesh on 5th September 2018. As per statement of the local chairman a Hindu -Banku Chandra Moni Das was repairing his cycle when the local perpetrator Selim obstructed him and tried to evict the Hindu family. At the same moment, the perpetrators with the help of other Muslim perpetrators started to beat Banku Moni Das mercilessly, resulting in severe injuries. The Hindu family took shelter at local Union Parishad fearing more attacks. The report was also reported by The Daily Kalerkontha dated 9th September 2018.

It is also alleged that police were informed and Selim was detained for interrogation and but he was released without any tangible action against the perpetrators.

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Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) contacted with Deepok Kumar Saha- Officer in Charge (O.C.) of Dhamrai Police station who merely said that both the parties Hindus and Muslims were called for and an undertaking from both the parties was taken.

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However, the O.C. did not record the case against Selim for the crime on the religious minority.

Property grabbing from Hindus is nothing new in Bangladesh but most cases die their unnatural death due to lack of empathy from the law.

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