Pakistani Sikh community rejoices after getting their Gurudwara back!

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The wait of 73 years is over as the Balochistan government has decided to hand-over a 200-year-old to the Pakistani Sikh community. This Gurudwara is situated at the Masjid Road and its name is ‘ Shri Gur Sangh Gurudwara’ which was unlawfully being used as ‘Government Girls High School’ for the past 73 years.

Pakistani Sikh community is happy with the decision and the girl school is being migrated to another building soon.

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The Minority Hindu leader and the advisor to Chief Minister for Minorities’ affairs Dinesh Kumar also said a renovation will take place and that this was a historic decision of the Balochistan government.

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As per a Dawn report, there are still 2000 Sikh devotees living in Balochistan.

Previously a 200-year-old Hindu Temple was handed over to the Hindu community, which was also used as a school at Zhoob Balochistan.

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