Koena Mitra: Not afraid that the Hindus will become a minority in India

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Koena Mitra is not the one to keep quiet!

A while back the actor took to task a person who said:

“So what if Hindus become a minority in India? Why do you fear being a minority so much? What exactly are you doing to the Minorities that you don’t want to be in their place ?”


To which Koena Mitra replied “Bibi, we do not fear the Hindus becoming a minority in India, that’s not gonna happen ever! Shows your agenda though. Is there any minority (Hindu, Sikh, Christian) that is safe when Muslims are in majority? Can you name 1 country? Where minorities aren’t converted or killed?

This is the link to the tweet:

Koena was probably hinting at neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh where forced conversions are routine.

Earlier, Koena Mitra had shut Shabana Azmi on Rohingyas as well.