Blue Rose Dream Meaning: Synchronizing Heart, Mind, and Soul

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Blue rose dream is sent to some high-vibrational individuals who would possess the power of speech and sharper intellect. Blue rose does not grow naturally and this dream hints at just that i.e. Herculean efforts bring imagination/manifestations/goals to life.

The blue rose dream is all about synchronizing heart, mind, and soul and using the power of words to bring love and knowledge into the life of individuals.

Blue rose dream usually comes when the person is entering the Third Stage of spiritual awakening (link of stages) for long. He/she may have been working on his/her mindset necessary for spiritual growth under the able guidance of Devas/Guides or Angels.

After arriving at this stage, speech becomes more powerful and engaging as this person is now honor-bound to ‘teach’ and to create younger and abler disciples. The voice acquires depth and the person will be able to teach complex spiritual subjects in an easier fashion.

This person must lead with love and use all acquired knowledge to spread in society.

In the blue rose dream, when the flowers are seen cut or uprooted from soil and spread in a bunch, then it means lack of proper grounding in the dreamer due to which his gifts are not blooming as they should.

A swirling dark blue rose is usually sent by Supreme Soul (Ganesha, Kali, Shiva, Parvati, Saraswati, Brahma, Vishnu, SitaRam, Krishna, Kartikeya, Laxmi, Durga, etc. are all the names we use for this Supreme Power) to awaken the sleepy soul at dawn and tell him/her that your moment of speaking and bringing love through words has now arrived.

The person seeing this swirling single blue rose will become a high-vibrational speaker, astrologer, or Guru.

Blue roses buds being sprinkled with water are the sign of siddhis or the spiritual powers being in nascent stages. These siddhis are usually related to prophecies, oratory, or writing.

A single blue rose, mostly, however, leads to success through speaking or writing spiritual truths.

Blue rose dream is a rare phenomenon mostly as many do not like to take up the responsibility which comes with taking up the role of Guru.

But this is an important stage that must not be skipped (purely my advice) and one must bear this duty with love, Dharma, and devotion towards society, Supreme Soul Ganesha, and oneself.

Blue rose dream is also the sign of the ending of tinnitus which may have begun at the beginning of the Spiritual Awakening.

This arrival of blue rose in the dream mostly happens when the soul of the dreamer and the Ganesha has become completely connected to a point that both are each other’s ‘friend’ and guide.

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The Supreme Soul would soon reveal Themselves/Himself/Herself to the blue rose dream seeing person at the most appropriate time.

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