Lion dream meaning: Remain vigilant as challenges come knocking!

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Lion dream usually comes when a person needs to be vigilant about the future in which they will have to use their energy frequently.

Many times a lion dream appears as a caution and the dreamer is advised to work harder so as to be ready when trouble or a challenge comes knocking.

A lion dream could also symbolize the yearning of your soul to become majestic and be admired.

Lion dream, thus, is all about what and where you stand in your life.

For those on the path of spiritual awakening, seeing a lion in a dream should be a welcome sign as it is a messenger of the Supreme Soul’s feminine energies. A lion thus will be a formidable guardian sent by the Devi as well as a guide towards fearlessness and greater glory.

When the Law of Attraction or the Bhakti path is used for a prolonged time, a lion dream often comes to also say to the manifester that their energy is now at its highest and most robust level ever and yet one must be vigilant as negative energies or people could be around to snatch your crown of confidence and happiness.

Seeing a pride standing on guard means that you are extremely well protected and no evil spirits or energies would be allowed to challenge your march. Your extremely skilled and powerful guides can take on and defeat any challenge hence, no need to feel afraid.

A snarling lion dream merely means that your guides are urging you to take your life into your own hands and be valiant.

A roaring lion about to pounce on prey means that all your enemies and dark entities trying to disrupt your life are silently being removed by your powerful Dev-Devi guides.

Lord Narsingh dream meaning: Powerful love from the Supreme Source heads your way!

If in the lion dream, a woman is seen riding the animal then know that your life is taking a powerful turn. And this new turn is being led by your feminine/creative energy.

If you see a lion carcass being eaten by vultures or hyenas, then beware as you are currently spiritually defenseless. Visiting your nearby Hindu Temple and pouring milk (even if you have just a spoonful) on Shivling is advised to energize your tired guides. If you see a dead lion being dragged around and see its body being thrown, then know that your guides need you to take charge or else they will leave you to your devices.

A lion running after the dreamer and being able to grab them means that the dreamer’s life will now be led by forces too strong for them to handle and it is better that they let go of all and mundane and go with the flow.

A lion chasing the dreamer but unable to catch or corner them implies that strong willpower will help you escape challenges.

In the lion dream, if the animal appears and asks you to follow it means that you must seek spiritual guidance.

Seeing a lion cub means your physical powers are now growing stronger. A lioness, a lion, and a cub represent the fortitude, love, and longevity of the family of which you are/will be part of.

A lion looking at the sun means that the seeker lacks guidance and is being rewarded with it by the Supreme Soul.

A lion running across a forest or any green area means that you need new spiritual energy and thus yoga needs to be undertaken immediately.

A lion watching a screen waiting for something to be revealed means that you are tired of sitting put and need a break.

Sex dreams meaning: Deeper spiritual messages could be hidden!

A lion resting with its pride is one of the greatest signs as it means that your guides see you as a powerful spiritual being who needs no protection because you can neutralize negative forces with ease.

By Namta Gupta