Moon dream with blood clots: A passionate and dedicated love will arrive

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Did you see a moon dream in which two similar blood clots were present at a distance?

Moon with blood clots in a dream represents life force.

The moon, specifically with two blood clots, means lots of passionate love between two, unknown to each other, individuals. This dream usually represents the 5th dimensional bond of love that may not yet be known to the dreamer in the waking life, yet this is a destined love that has lasted beyond time and spread over several life cycles.

This particular moon dream is also one of the first signs sent to a soul who is on a highly passionate love journey.

Moon dream with blood clots is the dream for an empowered and bold soul who is seeking more than just affection; what it needs is to join the forces with a past love who is as dedicated and passionate as the dreamer is. These two souls, when they come together, would change the way the world thinks or does things.

They will together be the embodiment of Dharma and Justice sent in the mortal world and will present a legendary bond (at least to some degree) as Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, or Bhagwan Vishnu and Goddess Mahalaxmi.

In short, this love will be rooted in the greater good of the entire Universe and they will present a model of love, dedication, and spirituality either lost or unknown to the society they will inhabit.

Moon dream with blood clots, in many ways, is one of the first hints of the Universe to those who are on the verge of meeting their ‘Twin Flame’ or a High Vibrational Soulmate.

If in this moon dream with the clots, the rest of the moon’s surface may seem filled with holes and craters, then it represents turbulent times that both the souls are in at that particular time.

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However, the stark and bold blood clots mean that the two souls will be able to overcome every obstacle with the full help and blessings of the Supreme Soul and their own strong love.

At the time of the arrival of this moon dream, these two souls will be most likely be far away from each other, however, they would be consciously or unconsciously rooted in spirituality and Dharma (Hinduism or Jainism), despite coming from different religions, nations, or societies.

For example, these individuals may be compassionate towards sentient lives and could be spotted showing gratitude towards nature, bees, trees, plants, or birds, or working to ensure their happiness, health, rights, and welfare.

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Moon dream that has the blood clots is thus an important sign for those manifesting or desiring a union with the best and most compatible life partner there exists in the mortal realm.

My only advice is to keep calm as a relationship this holy and as important as this takes a little longer than desirable.

By Namta Gupta