Number 121: Keep faith alive in your darkest moments

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Number 121 holds a unique message for those using techniques of the law of attraction.

Lord Ganesha says that it means that the wishes requested will arrive but remain patient.

Number 121 seen in a dream or in a vision state also means that the lack of ‘good fortune’ is troubling the manifester.

And this ‘lack’ has been understood by the Supreme Soul and is being worked on.

There are high chances that this manifester is already doing everything right but his/her physical reality seems stuck despite all efforts made to correct it.

At this stage, he/she is advised to keep an open mind and trust the Supreme Soul.

Number 121 says that the manifester must keep the faith despite all obstacles and fear nothing.

Number 121 also says that one must learn to enjoy the spiritual gains accumulated as it would enable the person to trust the Supreme Soul even further and thus aid in manifesting further.

Like mentioned earlier, the Supreme Soul is well aware of the hardships and the struggle of the heart of the seeker and requests patience on their part.

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Number 121 would however lead to a change in the monetary situation first since the energy of money makes one’s belief stronger in the smallest possible time.

If seeking love, then be sure it would manifest as well despite the pessimistic frame of mind at present.

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Number 121 is thus a reassurance for those who seek with a kind heart in place. Expect change in the situation in near future. This ‘near future’ depends on one’s karma and can be as near as a mere 2 days or even 2 years.

Number 121 only asks you to keep faith even when it is the hardest emotion to sustain.

By Namta Gupta