Number 420 meaning: The awaited changes are coming! Be prepared!

CO2, CO, Carbon capture

Number 420 only comes as a sign of great achievement in store for a person due to excellent work done previously.

This number often leads to major changes with regards to fate and hints at upcoming fame, good fortune, and also major achievements. Seeing this number in a dream alongside a project, script, or article means that it is soon going to bring good fortune and fame to the dreamer.

Anyone who sees Number 420 is a lucky person especially those who see this number in his/her dreams, as it is rare. One in several million would see this number in the dreams in some 500 years or so.


Because the Number 420 is the mark of an evolved soul nurtured by the Divine energies of the Supreme Soul. This person will either have a golden aura or a prominent purple aura and will have a sweet honeyed voice.

The people who see Number 420 may have earlier seen Number 101, Number 713, and Number 000 in dreams and thus we can say that they indeed have a firm connection with the Supreme Soul.

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Number 420 is thus an incredibly good number but it also requires that the person seeing it learns to remain on toes as changes would come fast and furious.

By Namta Gupta