Number 886 meaning: Ready to reap the harvest of good luck?

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Are you seeing Number 886 everywhere?

Number 886 means that the dreamer is ready to reap the harvest of good luck and fame now.

This person/dreamer may have faced financial hardships or has had his/her financial blessings delayed due to some processes going on by the Assisting Devi-Devtas or Guides. The delay in blessings is mostly as these Guides have to first make this person a perfect vessel for ‘containing’ and ‘sustaining’ these blessings and many others in the offing. This person could have been unwise with money earlier, squandering away all and everything either due to addictions like gambling or because he was being too magnanimous.

In short, this person was imbalanced and didn’t truly know how to manage and spend money and on what deeds or needs.

Number 886 comes to inform the person that the time for receiving the money is starting as the processes initiated by our Devi-Devta Guides have ended.

Number 886 while is a financial blessing, also leads to changes in the physical constitution of the body.

The body may slim down to a degree and lose fat and water which it had accumulated in the previous processes leading to weight/fat gain or water retention.

In Hindus, we consider the energy of the money to be warm, thus both excessive fat or water will go away after seeing Number 886.

Number 886’s energy will be positioned right above the navel and below the rib cage, hence, those who saw this number must expect to lose weight from this section of the body.

Number 886 also leads to unity and hints at some surprises in areas of love, partnership, and union with the most compatible and the perfect person if seeking one. Thus expect the unexpected on these fronts as well.

Number 886 is a heavy and fast energy, hence, some uneasiness especially right after started seeing this number may happen in the beginning but later it would get fine.

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By Namta Gupta