Phantom feathers meaning: A sign for the most blessed being!

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Very rarely do we ‘see’ phantom feathers. But some on the spiritual journey do see them in various settings.

Phantom feathers, as I said, appear rarely and when they do, they appear only for those who deny their spiritual roots and demand ‘proof’ before finally diving into spirituality head-on. Now, who ‘exactly’ are these folks for whom the spiritual world is striving so hard to prove its existence?

Well! These are meritorious souls who appear on Earth or the mortal realm either for gaining more sacred knowledge or fighting Adharma. These people are likely also seeking their High-Level Soulmate or Twin Flame.

Phantom feathers or a phantom feather with only a white hue is the sign of the Divine energies that would now assist this person. This person may start small but their own karma will push them so high that one baby step from them would make the Supreme Soul take a million on their behalf.  Fate changes, tides turn for this person, and soon they will have active visitations from Divine Beings or Energies.

Therefore, a phantom feather is the mark of a great soul, perhaps the greatest soul, that exists in that space or time but this person is also a rational one who has started believing that spirituality is something lame or a gimmick due to cheats all around.

To wake this person up a phantom feather, just like the phantom knock, would appear. Supreme Soul would break many barriers and send this person potent signs, numbers, and symbols to assure this one soul that just because something cannot be touched does not mean it cannot ‘exist’ or be ‘alive’.

Phantom feathers are therefore incredibly rare and those who see them must be supremely grateful as the highest and the most sacred energy sees this person as its own and wishes to connect with him/her.

Pink feathers meaning: You are a caregiver cherished by the Divine

By Namta Gupta