Pakistan during Coronavirus: Extremist says will build Mosque over Temple Raherki Sahib

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Raherki Sahib a major Hindu Temple of Pakistan is on the target of extremists and it seems that they are leaving no stone unturned to antagonize their Hindu citizens.

First an attack by a Muslim cleric on a family with the dictat of converting to Islam or embrace death and now a threat by Syed GM Shah Bukhari who lives Karachi who wants to build Mosque after destroying the Hindu Temple Raherki Sahib which is frequented by Hindu Sindhis from all over the world.

This is when hundreds and thousands are dying every day due to a pandemic like Coronavirus.

He has also issued a threat that after the destruction of Raherki Sahib he will ensure that all Hindus are converted.

One can ignore these threats, but then most attacks on Hindus happen randomly and in the last case, extremists utilized random posts to mobilize mobs to attack a Hindu doctor. Hence, it is important that the state takes strict action in these cases.

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Several Hindu Temples have been desecrated by extremists in Pakistan with the state acting as a mute spectator in most cases.

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Namta Gupta