Hindu exodus from Haridwar now?

The claims of Hindu exodus from devbhoomi Uttarakhand has sent shock waves across the nation. Sadhwi Prachi claimed that no less than 62 Hindu families have been forced out of Dhanpura village in Haridwar from another community. The village is around 40% Hindu.

Sadhwi Prachi also said that there have been cases of Love Jihad and said that these need to be answered with Love Kranti. She also said that many minor girls are being coerced into marriage and a law is needed to prevent love jihad.

Love jihad is a sensitive issue as several cases have been reported in which minor girls are being duped in marriages by men from other community.

Former gram pradhan of Dhanpura Ram Pal told Times of India that while mass Hindu exodus has not happened from the village but it is undeniable that tension remains on the surface during the festival time and due to communal tension, some families voluntarily left the village.

“No doubt that Kerala will turn into Kashmir by the year 2021”

Kairana is one of the most recent examples of Hindu exodus which got suitable media coverage. Kairana Hindu exodus which was earlier being slammed for being a lie and an attempt by some political groups to communalize the atmosphere was found to be true by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

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