India welcomes Afghanistan ceasefire, hopes for an atmosphere ‘free from terror’

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The government of India is standing firmly with Afghanistan ceasefire bid initiated by Ashraf Ghani even as the Taliban said that they would now continue to fight till the USA and other foreign forces leave Afghanistan. In short, Afghanistan ceasefire may soon very well be over. But on this, India and Afghanistan are on the same page, that is for sure.

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In response to a question from media about the Afghanistan ceasefire announced by President Ghani of Afghanistan, MEA spokesperson said :

“We welcome the decision of President Ghani to announce ceasefire and its extension. We hope this gesture would be reciprocated by armed groups and their supporters with complete cessation of terrorist violence. We support all efforts that can bring relief to the long suffering of the friendly people of Afghanistan; pave the way for a truely Afghan led, Afghan owned and Afghan controlled peace and reconciliation process in an atmosphere free from terror and violence; and help build a peaceful, secure, inclusive, prosperous, united and pluralistic Afghan nation.”

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