Man castrates 10-year-old after his refusal to convert to Islam

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Imran, a rehri owner, ended up castrating a 10-year old destitute boy who was working for him after being abandoned by his father after he refused to convert to Islam.

The 10-year-old boy is admitted to the Machhiwara Civil Hospital on Friday after he was castrated by Imran.

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As per a report in the Tribune India, the police have registered a case under Section 295 and 326 of the IPC against Imran who belongs to Uttar Pradesh but was residing and working in Machhiwara, Punjab.

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SHO Rajesh Kumar told the paper that the child informed the police that he hailed from UP and that after his mother died some time ago, his father got married again and he was subsequently shunned by his father. The child was able to reach Machhiwara where he started earning a living while working for Imran. He even stayed with him. Two days back, Imran told the boy to convert to Islam but since the child refused, hence, he castrated him with a sharp object. In pain, the child ran away and was found by people of the Canter Union who rushed him to the hospital and in all this Imran escaped.

A similar case was reported from Hailakandi, Assam in which a 6-year old Hindu boy was forcefully circumcised.

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