Article 370 abrogation: Pakistani Minister drags in Jews and Christians

Danish Kaneria, Hindu Pakistani cricketer, match fixing

Pakistani minorities are openly getting insulted ever since India rescinded Article 370, mostly Hindus, but now also the hapless Jews and the Christians.

On August 15th, 2019, at about 8.29 pm, Ali Muhammad, Pakistani state minister while ranting in a program on “Capital Talk” of Geo News Channel said that “we have no expectation from Jews and Christians.” He said this in regards to the lack of support for Pakistani position on Kashmir after India abrogated Article 370 from the region. Pakistan claims that Jammu and Kashmir is a ‘disputed’ territory and since it is a Muslim majority, hence it should become part of Pakistan.

So by Pakistan’s logic, in any part of the world, if the area becomes Muslim majority, it should either cede to a Muslim state or become free from non-Muslim administration? Are we to forget how Kashmiri minorities were forced to flee due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism? All that the Indian government has done is that it removed the artificial barrier that made this region a hotbed for terrorism. But since, Jews, have become the punching bag here, so let us not forget that in the pre-1947 era, Pakistan’s Karachi was once home to some 1200-1500 Jewish people, but after partition, the numbers of this already minuscule community have declined alarmingly and at present, hardly anyone identifies himself with Judaism due to prevailing extremism in this Muslim-majority country.

You may ask again, that why are the Jews so important in this report?

Because Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is using the genocide of Jews to hit out at India, a country where antisemitism is non-existent.

In this regards, the Pakistani Minister Ali Muhammad is no different; he is merely parroting what Urdu Pakistani newspapers brazenly write. Like the article from Pakistani weekly Zarb-e-Momin (Strike of the Devout Muslim) states “After World War II, [Jewish leaders] accused Hitler of murdering 50 Jews [sic]; some people put the number at 60 lakhs [six million]. But there is no proof of them getting killed in such a large number. They themselves cannot present any evidence of that. On the back of the Holocaust, Jews want to achieve their nefarious objectives. ” (Courtesy Memri)

This is not the only paper espousing hate against the Jews but just one of the many and nearly all of them sold nationally.

So when Imran Khan uses Jews,  their Holocaust, and their sufferings to score points against India, he should first answer, Where Are The Jews of Pakistan?

And if you want to know about the state of Pakistani Christians, then it is worthwhile to remember that India opened the doors of Citizenship for Christians as well, after taking into account the persecution the community faces back home.

The rest I leave on to your judgment.

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Namta Gupta