Bangladesh Hindus bear Temple desecration, houses burnt as Islamist rage over France

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New Delhi, November 3rd, 2020: Bangladesh is witnessing another wave of attacks on Hindus on the pretext of blasphemy against Islam. Many Hindus are being accused of blasphemy Islam for ‘liking’ statuses on Facebook in support of France.

Dr MK Roy of the Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance (Hindu Mohajote), who spoke to, told that when he contacted Md. Kamruzzaman the OCof Bangra Bazar, the officer said that the police are trying to protect Hindus but the protesting crowd was so huge that they were unable to do anything.

The problem is exactly this; the response of police in a situation as grievous as this should have warranted a more pro-active approach and take to use of force instead of merely regulating a bunch of criminals trying to make mincemeat out of human beings.

Hindu property worth USD 2 million has already been gutted in the fire but the Islamists did not stop there.

Korbanpur Knedryo Kali Mandir was desecrated by the mob for something that happened in France and has nothing to do with Bangladesh Hindus.

Double blow on Hindus

It is unclear how much time it would take for Hindus to rebuild their properties since, after Coronavirus, many businesses have shut down. Those Bangladesh’s Hindus who were attacked in Brahmanbaria and Rangpur have yet to steady themselves financially but for the rest of Bangladesh, this is business as usual.

This time, a local politically active Hindu man Bon Kumar Shiv’s house was also vandalized.  When being asked why his house was attacked, I was told that the man was a ‘Hindu.’

This seems to be a big enough crime in the eyes of Bangladesh’s Islamists.

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Lack of scrutiny by international human rights groups has also led to emboldening of groups like Hefazat-e-Islam who are using threatening language against France which may spiral out of control any time. It is, therefore, imperative to give a free hand to the police.

Namta Gupta