Bangladesh Minority Watch team in India, meets WB BJP President

Bangladesh Minority Watch India West Bengal BJP President

West Bengal, February 25th, 2016: The Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW), which is working to highlight the plight of minorities like Hindus, Christians and the Chakmas in the country, met with Dilip Ghosh, who is the President of Bharatiya Janata Party in West Bengal. The meeting took place in Kolkata on 23rd February 2016 at his office.

Bangladesh Minority Watch discussed the ongoing minority repression in the country and handed him fact-finding reports which have been documented by it at the ground zero.

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh stressed on the importance of protection of minorities in Bangladesh instead of encouraging minority migration to India.

Dilip Ghosh expressed anguish on the continuous atrocities on the minorities of Bangladesh.

Bharatiya Janata Party President has assured the BDMW that he would help in the protection of rights of minorities and will communicate with the Government of Bangladesh and request it to take drastic action against perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Bangladesh Minority Watch has stated that the minorities do not want to leave their country.

But what needs to be seen is what happens after getting assurances.

The violence against minorities is increasing by the day and after the gruesome murder of a Hindu priest and attacks on Hindu properties show that the radical elements are increasing by the day.

Indian government’s approach so far has been to not disturb the secular Sheikh Haseena government but workers from this party have also come under scanner for attacking minority properties with the aim to grab them and drive them away to India.

In short, India needs to try a different tactic if it is indeed serious about protecting the minorities.

Taslima Nasreen had even said that the radicals in the country wish to chase away the minority Hindus out of the country.

Bangladesh Minority Watch has been raising the voice of minorities at several international forums but it seems that the plight of minorities of Bangladesh does not excite anyone.