666 persons embraced Islam in Damman, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Press Agency today claimed that some 666 people embraced Islam in Damman. Daman is on the Arabian Gulf and happens to be the capital of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province and thus a major tourist spot.

It is unclear whether the people converted to Islam were just the tourists or were workers.

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In its report, the Saudi Press Agency merely stated that the Cooperative Office for Call (Dawah), Guidance and Awareness of Communities in Dammam has issued a report on its activities during last year.

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The Call (Dawah), Guidance and Awareness of Communities in Dammam pointed to the work done by its staff in implementing a number of programs and lessons in Arabic and other languages for Filipino, Sri Lankan, Indian and Nepalese residents in Dammam.

The report also stated that 666 persons embraced Islam last year.

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In 2016, 46000 foreign workers converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia at the rate of 164 per day with the men leading the conversion front with 65 percent of the total convertees. This data was provided by the Organization of Islamic Call, Guidance and Foreign Communities.

While converting to Islam is easy, there are strict punishments for the missionaries of other religions.