LTTE massacred Muslims to establish separate Tamil homeland says Malaysian leader

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Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and Zakir Naik are making politicians lose their heads in Malaysian politics.

A Hindu leader who was at the forefront of criticizing Zakir Naik, the Indian radical preacher, has now been accused of being anti-Islam by a Muslim leader.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, P Ramasamy is under fire for his alleged support to the LTTE. The Mufti of Perlis Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin in an interview to Utusan Malaysia demanded that Ramasamy should be investigated by the police for his ties with the LTTE, the now-defunct militant group which wanted to carve out a homeland for Tamils, who are majority Hindus.

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Asri has vehemently supported Zakir Naik and has had rough brushes with every minority group that has come out against the Indian Islamic preacher hiding in Malaysia.

This Friday supporters of Asri even held a protest against Ramasamy outside a Mosque in George Town, Penang, in support of Zakir Naik and also demanded the arrest of Ramasamy who Asri has deemed anti-Islam and also sympathetic to the LTTE. Here is the video of the protest:

Asri is demanding that Ramasamy explain photos of the Penang DAP leader with the rebel leaders, including the one in which he is seen paying tribute to an image of a combat rifle.

In the interview, he summed up why he is so against Ramasamy. He told the interviewer that he can see Ramasamy’s anti-Islam attitude, similar to the characteristics of the LTTE struggle, in which LTTE massacred Muslim villagers for Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.

Ramasamy has been urging Malaysia to respect extradition treaty with India and handover Zakir Naik to the country.

The same Mufti had earlier attacked Hindus and wrote:

Those who idolize the cows as God unite, and call for our preacher to be fettered, to hand him over to an evil government that worships the fire, practices the sati, burning widows, in that continent, a teaching that divides humans into castes.”

Later he said that this was not an attack on Hindus but the Modi government.

Ramasamy had slammed Asri and wondered that who educated the Mufti on Hinduism and added that there are “indications that he could have gathered all the negatives about the religion from his “Mahaguru” Zakir Naik.

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Malaysia although a moderate Islamic nation is seeing some troubled times recently.