Malayalis in Germany protest after Hindus object to beef at Indian food fest

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Malayalis protested after an Indian food festival in Frankfurt, Germany, saw Hindus protest against a beef dish namely beef curry and parotta.

The issue erupted on August 31 when the Consulate General of India had organised the food festival. Several cultural groups from different states came with mouth-watering delicacies but it all turned sour when the beef dish came to light. Alcohol was also prohibited.

The dish was put on the menue by Kerala Samajam Frankfurt.

Beef is considered a taboo in majority of Hindus as the cow is considered a sacred living blessing to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

In a statement Kerala Samajam Frankfurt said:

“While preparing for the Indien Fest, all Indian organisations were explicitly asked to present the common delicacies of each state with only restriction being for alcohol. As per these instructions, Kerala Samajam Frankfurt had prepared the menu based on the common food interests of Kerala and its people. When some people with vested interests raised objection and threatened to make ruckus during the event, CGI Frankfurt kindly requested us to revise our menu so that the event could be held without any incidents.

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As per CGI Frankfurt request, we as a responsible cultural organisation – representing the peace-loving “GODS OWN COUNTRY” decided to comply to maintain peace and harmony and above all, to uplift the core value of INDIA – “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

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We request all peace-loving and responsible citizens and non-citizens to refrain from spreading fake news in this regard.

However, several Malayalis protested against the removal with placard protest.”

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