Pakistani Hindus stare at bloody days ahead as an entire village gets attacked

Pakistani Hindus attack, Quran desecration, Sindh

Sindh, July 27, 2016: Bharchundi Sharif, a Sufi establishment in the area is instigating Muslim mobsters to attack Pakistani Hindus. The second village to be attacked is the Mirpur Mathelo district Pano Aqil of the Sindh.

The attack has been led from Sufi dargah, an institution that has led forced conversion of Hindu girls and boys for long. Rinkle Kumari was abducted and forcibly converted by an ex-PPP MNA Mian Mithoo who is the top gun here.

Worse is that the man that the Bharchundi Sharif says is a Hindu was forcibly converted to Islam some time ago and is a drug addict notorious for quarrels.

The Hindu Temple ‎Rehrki‬ ‪‎Mandir‬ has also been stoned while a Hindu boy has been murdered, another Hindu boy has been seriously injured and a Hindu girl has been taken away by the protestors.
SSP Maqsood Bangash has met with ‪the members of All Pakistan Hindu ‎Panchayat‬ and assured them of security, but the shops and the businesses from Mirpur Mathelo to Sukkur remain shut, and people are frightened.
Pakistani Hindus think that they are unlucky children of Jinnah’s nation and should migrate Indian-administered Kashmir so that Pakistani Muslims also start losing their sleep over their human rights violations.

Due to these atrocities, the Pakistani Hindus are leaving Pakistan and are being forced to migrate to other nations with the Christians and Ahmadiyas behind them.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani establishment has not issued any statement till now while the Pakistani Hindus count their losses and miseries. Read all the news regarding this incident here.

In an update, just now a formal ‘taken note of the situation’ has been released by Pakistan People’s Party under the name of its chairman who has been on the forefront of talking about Indian side of Kashmir but is woefully short of words when it comes to violence against Pakistani Hindus done by its own support base. Also, despite claiming to be a secular party, this is actually an Islamist group as anyone can see:

Pakistani Hindus attack, Quran desecration, Sindh, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Pic credit: All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat