Bull riding dream meaning: Sacred souls see this dream!

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Bull riding dream marks a new era of success when the dreamer finds herself/himself riding it.

The bull riding dream, seen without an external trigger, is the mark of those sacred souls who have the privilege of reaching as high as they want. How are they able to achieve this rare feat?

The answer lies in their good karma currency!

A bull riding dream seen by a female represents complete control over fate and destiny. This dream seen by a female is the sign of the following:

  • A complete overhaul in health and power. The back, the legs, and the arms of the dreamer become super powerful.
  • Power to earn as much money as desired.
  • Sign of the supreme power that is inside of her. If she is in the dark over her growth or fate, then soon enough the blessed masculine energy would direct her to the light.

Bull riding dream is sent usually to the Siddha stage people or the Devi/Dev stage people. In case the dream is seen by an unmarried woman, then this dream means that she will need to wait to find the right match who is as energetic as her and stands at the same level.

If a man sees himself riding a bull in the dream, then it represents total control over assets.  After seeing this dream, the male dreamer may expect the following:

  • Some extra bit of money each day and every day.
  • More powerful body and direction in thoughts and action.
  • Meeting with their counterpart/life partner/spouse.

The bigger the bull, the bigger the success.

The bull riding dream is a sign of the greatest of all achievements occurring in a jiffy.

However, the dreamer may still have to wait for a little for the surprise to unravel. If one has been seeing Numbers 101 and 1007 lately, then do know that every query will be answered. The only advice that I can give is to keep the heart pure and the mind positive because the miracles you seek could only be pulled via positive energy.

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 By Namta Gupta