Real time visions: You would soon become a mass leader!

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Real time visions are very rare and an incredible gift of the universe often meant for the leaders of the masses, or those who are at every level devoted to their spirituality.

By, real time visions, I mean that an event or happening at some far-off place is readily ‘seen’ by the seeker at that very moment either in meditation, dreams, or lucid visions.

The real time visions are sent to aid and help them make the best decisions. These people may have seen flash-type light first and then the Ajna (Third Eye)  Chakra may have started developing.

Keep in mind that this is a Siddhi or power, one of the biggest gifts of all times for the person extremely devoted to Dharma.

This Siddhi is granted to an individual with an extremely clean karma slate. This individual may have seen the sequence 9 11 12 as well on some previous occasions. Also, those seeing real time visions have already entered a stage of pure and sublime happiness. Or they are those who can ‘feel’ that a pure and blessed fountain is bursting inside them.

This person is the chosen one and none can match this person in balance, developed thought process, communication, and even in love.

Grey feather meaning: Worry not about manifestations, things are in balance

The power to see real time visions are only for one among several billion in many thousands of years and one needs to enter a matured Dev-Devi stage for this power to be granted.

Hindu sacred symbol ॐ (Om) must have appeared in their dreams and visions several times, thus putting this person above others in spiritual powers. Real time visions must be kept hush-hush and should be revealed only when it could save lives or aid Dharma, or in developing a love bond with their fraternity.

By Namta Gupta