Amit Shah praises migrant Hindus from Pakistan, while they await their demands to be fulfilled

BJP National President Amit Shah along with Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, State In-charge Dr. Anil Jain and many BJP workers offered prayers at Shadani Darbar and took the blessings of Sant Yushistar Lal on Friday 21st Sep 2018.

Amit Shah was on a tour of Chhattisgarh state and he reached the Shadani Darbar directly from Airport at 12.15 pm and spent about one hour at the holy Darbar.

Sindhi community was eagerly waiting for BJP President Amit Shah since morning. There was function arranged to welcome and to listen to the BJP National President. Sindhi businessmen and professionals were eagerly waiting for the proceedings. Along with old Sindhi residents of Raipur, there were new migrant Hindu families, who have recently migrated from Sindh Pakistan due to religious persecution and hostile conditions.


Amit Shah offered prayers at Shadani Darbar prayer room and came out on dais with all dignitaries. Pujay Shadani Darbar offered a bhent (gift) to Amit Shah and other dignitaries. A shawl was offered to Sant Yudhistar Lal ji by Amit Shah and he took Poojay Sant s’ blessings on stage.

Sant  Yudhistar Lal spoke about the Sindhi Samaj and its contribution in making the country strong, prosperous and happy. He told the gathering that the Sindhis after partition migrated to India without any penny. All businesses, bungalows, temples, schools, dharamshallas, had been left behind in Sindh. After coming to India they have molded themselves the culture of the states wherever they settled. Sindhis speak local languages like Hindi Gujarati, Marathi etc along with mother tongue Sindhi.  Sindhis worship same Hindu Gods Ram, Kirshan, Shiv, Ganesh and do manav seva (Help The Mankind) in all walks of life. They have adopted their new karambhumi (land where they live and work i.e. India) and work hard for the prosperity of family and state at large. Along with creating wealth, they generously donate for Dharma and Seva. Hundreds of ashrams, charitable hospitals, schools and thousands of activities are being run by Sindhi Hindu community in India and abroad for the welfare of human beings. Pujya Shadani Darbar is the true example of this type of seva in Chhattisgarh and lacs of needy have been reaping benefits from its services.

Yudhistar Lal informed that every year jathas of Hindu Shradhaloos (pilgrims) from Sindh Pakistan come to Darbar on visa and learn Hindu Dharma teachings. Sant Yudhistar Lal wants to take the group of Hindus to Sindh Pakistan to interact with Hindus there.

He concluded his speech by supporting the BJP party and the Government who are working towards making India a strong country.

After Dr. Raman Singh, CM Chhattisgarh invited BJP President Amit Shah for the talk he revealed that he has met Sant Yudhistar Lal earlier in Sant Samelan in 2016 where he had invited him to take the blessings of Shadani Darbar.

Amit Shah told the gathering, that he failed to take the blessings then due to other engagements. But now his wish is fulfilled and he is blessed by Shadani Darbar and Sant Yudhistar Lal. 

Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, India, MCI, Pakistani Hindus, Sindhi, Sindhis,  Sindh Minority Migrant Association , Gujarat, BJP
Sant Yudhistar Lal making his points in front of Amit Shah.

Shah praised Sindhi community, who is known for their hard work, business acumen, and enterprising nature. Partition of 1947 has taken all from them but they did not lose courage. With their hard work and trust in Bhagwan (God), they have achieved all and have been marching to new heights. Amit Shah told about his long association with Sindhi community in Gujarat and other parts of the country. Sindhis make all their efforts to make India stronger and prosperous, wherever they live. They mix with local residents and never create conflicts. He strongly recognized the inner quality of Sindhis, who follow Dharam/faith on top, among all things of life. They have left Sindh Pakistan to save their own belief Hindu faith. He requested the support of Sindhi community to make country stronger and true follower of Hinduism.

Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, India, MCI, Pakistani Hindus, Sindhi, Sindhis,  Sindh Minority Migrant Association , Gujarat, BJP
Amit Shah was overwhelmed by the bravery shown by the Sindhi community.

Many migrant Hindu families in the audience spoke about their long pending requests of Indian citizenship and permanent MCI registration of Hindu Doctors.

Hindu migrants thanked  BJP Govt. led by Prime Minister  Narendra Modi for help and support to persecuted  Hindu migrants rehabilitation in India.  They have left Pakistan only because they want to practice Hinduism. They sacrificed the homes, businesses, children education etc but won a brother in Narendra Modi, who they say is giving all facilities to his migrant Hindu sisters and their families. Now they are secure, safe, happy and feel truly empowered in India.

Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, India, MCI, Pakistani Hindus, Sindhi, Sindhis,  Sindh Minority Migrant Association , Gujarat, BJP
Amit Shah held a closed door conference with the Sant.

Pak Hindu migrants requested the National President BJP and Prime Minister to grant early citizenship to migrant Hindu professionals and give permanent MCI registration to migrant Hindu Doctors.  Migrant professionals and migrant students who have studied in India like Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Scientists, Chartered Accountants, Pharmacists, Professors, Bankers, Management Consultants, Veterinary  Doctors, Nurses, and other professionals should be given the membership of professional body immediately. These professionals should be given temporary Govt. jobs till they get Indian citizenship. Private companies do not employ them due to their Pakistani origin.

Migrant Pakistani Hindu Doctors MCI registration matter is pending with Union Health Ministry since last 2 years. Union Health Minister J P Nadda and MOS Ashwini Kumar Choubey are following the matter. Hindu migrants requested Amit Shah to advise concerned authorities for a joint meeting of   Ministers and officials of Ministries MHA, Health and Family Welfare, MEA, HRD, Law and Justice, State Govt. officials and representatives of Hindu migrants from all states to sort out citizenship and Doctors issue. Joint Committee should be formed to review the progress every month.

Hindu migrants congratulated and thanked Amit Shah for BJP National Executive meet of 8-9 September resolution for support of rehabilitation of persecuted Hindus from neighbouring countries in India. They requested to extend the delegation of power of citizenship to 2 more years up to 23.12.2020 and give citizenship certificates to all pending applicants before Diwali 2018.

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Amit Shah also held a close door meeting with Sant  Yudhistar Lal and Sindh Hindu migrants are expecting the solution of their long pending matters earliest.

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The following article has been submitted to by Sindh Minority Migrant Association and only minor editing has been done for convenient reading. The views are of the groups’ own.