Blasphemy against Islam leads to arrest of man, several Hindu houses attacked

Bishnu Malo (22) a Hindu man belonging to village-Sadarpur in the Faridpur District of Bangladesh has been arrested for allegedly posting an objectionable picture against Islam on his Facebook account on last Thursday.

The blasphemy against Islam made the local Muslims very angry and they, in turn, destroyed the houses and shops of Hindus.

The Police declared Section 144 in the locality to ensure peace in the locality, reported the on 2nd November.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) in a statement said that “the unfortunate incident of the arrest of Hindu youth took place on last Tuesday within Malo Para of Hatkrishnapur of Faridpur District.”

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It further said that hundreds of Muslims assembled at the house of Bishnu Malo and destroyed it. It also added that a sense of insecurity is prevailing among the Hindu locality prevailing and that the Police finding no other alternative had to impose Section 144 of CRPC in the locality on Friday (3rd November 2017).

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Muslims were enraged that an objectionable picture was posted from the Facebook ID of Bishnu Malo on last Wednesday which was termed by them as defamation of Islam and they gathered to demand an immediate arrest of this Hindu youth who has a humble business of computer and cell phone repair.

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Malo has denied that he created the picture but a strong crowd of about 200 gathered around his house and demolished it.

Md.Shafikul Islam, Upazila Chairman of Sadarpur, Purabi Goldar- Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Gazi Robiul Islam, Additional Superintendent of Police, of Faridipur district came at the spot for controlling the alarming situation but no with much success as the tension is still prevailing in the area and minority Hindus fear worse.

This man is a victim of blasphemy law but was called a ‘Hindu terrorist’

Blasphemy is used liberally to push conversions in Bangladesh. Earlier, Hindu man Rakesh Roy was granted bail on 17 October 2017 after Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of BDMW moved an application under section 498 of CRPC. before the High Court Division of the Supreme court of Bangladesh.

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Human rights activist Rakesh Roy made the fatal mistake of speaking out for the minorities.

Rakesh Roy was later granted bail. Rakesh is a known activist in Bangladesh who has been working for human rights in the country for long.

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Roy who was based in Sylhet District was implicated in a blasphemy case by one Abdul Aziz and he was languishing in the jail for four months. The ordeal for Rakesh began when he launched an FIR (G.R. Case No.81/2017) before Officer in Charge of Golapgonj police station at Sylhet District against Abdul Aziz for abusing Hindu religion and forcefully converting Hindus to Islam.

Islam, Muslims, Bangladesh, blasphemy, India, Hindus, Hinduism, Rakesh Roy,Rasraj Das,Rabindra Ghosh, Bangladesh Minority Watch, Rabindra Ghosh
Abdul Aziz

After that, he was also targeted via a fake screenshot where he was shown writing blasphemous content against Islam.

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Blasphemy against Islam is a serious offense in Bangladesh. Earlier, Hindu fisherman, also dubbed a ‘Hindu terrorist‘ by many netizens of Bangladesh, Rasraj Das was granted bail on 16 January 2017. His account was used to post blasphemous content against Islam following which young men and women turned on Hindu minorities and rapes, burning of Hindu houses, and Temples followed for weeks. However, it failed to get due coverage in the media with even the Indian government waking up after a week expressing concern. The extent of the damage was such that the Diwali last year was dubbed by many as the ‘Black Diwali for the Hindus in Bangladesh.’

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