Hindu students given beef by headmaster, parents stage protests

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In Bangladesh’s Bogra, a headmaster of a school has been arrested for distributing beef khichari among Hindu students during a Mother’s conference.

The accused named Abdul Hannan is the principal of Pirgacha AF Girls High School and also a Shakahria union BNP leader (opposition leader Khalida Zia’s party) after the news of the beef khichari (a type of gruel eaten in Bangladesh) distribution spread among the parents of the Hindu children. Furious at this attack on their wards’ Hindu faith, parents staged protests outside the school forming a human chain against Abdul Hannan. The news has also appeared in Dhaka Tribune as well.

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No less than 800 packets of beef khichari were provided to the students on Saturday during the mother’s conference at the school premises.

Of them, 65 were Hindu students and their parents.

Following angry sloganeering Abdul Hannan has been arrested while he is defending himself by saying that he distributed mutton but both the parents and the police are not buying this argument for now.

In 2015 it was reported that the principal of the Sabuj Kuri Kinder Garden School, Abul Kalam Azad, confessed that he fed beef/cow meat to Hindu Students on the occasion of the announcement of the results of the yearly examination. Hindu students of the school were given beef packets and some of these students vomited and had other problems after eating the beef. There are cases of deliberate provocations against the Hindus in Bangladesh but rarely do they register strong protests like this one making this case one of its kind.

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The rising religious persecution has also raised concerns in India with BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy saying that India should invade Bangladesh if the torture of Hindus does not stop in the neighboring country. Several Hindus have been forced to flee Bangladesh and take refuge in India due to persecution and subjugation by Islamists.

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Swamy told a press conference in Tripura:

“India will continue to support it, but Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should be warned to stop those mad people from demolishing Hindu temples, converting Hindu temples into Masjid and converting Hindus to Muslims.”

ANI reported Swamy as saying that if Bangladesh does not stop torturing the Hindus, ‘I would recommend that our government invades Bangladesh and takes it over.’

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