Color dreams: Dreams about colors have a unique message for us!

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Color dreams are rare and unique in a lot of ways as each color brings a specific message for the dreamer.

Dreams about colors, or colored lights, whether concentrated or scattered, are not as common as we think they would be.

Pure and ‘only’ colors like purple or orange, golden or blue appear in the dreams without any other article or person so that our subconscious can absorb the full message of the Supreme Soul.

Color dreams, therefore, tell us a story or answer our doubts, and sometimes they reveal our gifts, blessings, shortcomings, and even qualities.

Colors like golden, purple, silver, and white are the rarest of rare even in the color dreams.

But red, yellow, green, blue, and sometimes pink and even colors of the rainbow appear in dreams.

Rainbow colors seldom appear together but they still are not as rare as the singular tones of golden, purple, silver, and white.

Now, comes the big question; how to interpret color dreams?

The color dreams also get absorbed by the subconscious of the person, hence, dominant emotions and exact hue must be noted first. But broadly this is what colors in color dreams mean:

Yellow: This is the mark of a charming person, full of light, laughter, and love. A paler or lighter shade (ask your subconscious to define the shade and then approach the meaning) of yellow reflects happiness and in general the jovial character of a person.
Yellow color dreams otherwise represent an easy and virtuous person standing on the cusp of worldly and non-worldly knowledge.
One step in the right direction would take the dreamer closer to the Divine.
Darker yellow hue in the color dreams is reflective of tensions at home or in the family life which needs resolving.

Red: A richer and darker version of red color in the color dreams is the symbol of lack of anger management and stifling of one’s soul. Rarely seen in dreams, yet crucial if the color red appears in the form of crayons, postal, or even watercolors, or gets spilled out of utensils. Emotions to note are repulsion, hatred, and anger which Supreme Soul wants the dreamer to control. Vibrant red-rose color is the mark of beauty and a graceful personality. A lighter red means a lack of focus on projects or missions which the dreamer must address.

Green: Forest green color or a little darker green is the representative of a budding and nurturing soul who likes to heal people and even non-human souls. How should we know the color that we saw? Check the Yellow color dream explanation above and follow the advice.
If you indeed saw Forest Green and your intuition is confirming the same, then chances are that some natural medicinal talents or the gift in the form of mastery of Ayurveda are heading the person’s way. Reiki and energy transfers would come naturally as well, due to karmic rewards.

The green color in dream otherwise denotes a superior connection with Mother Earth while lighter green or the parrot-green is the sign of a novice who may soon master Ayurveda or other high-vibrational and sustainable medical talents or knowledge.

Blue: Now this is the tricky one since there are many hues to this color that may appear in dreams but broadly there are three versions of color blue which you might have seen:

Sky blue, light blue, or pale blue: If this appears in the dream then it shows that the person has a happy, lively, and joyous spirit and does not like unnecessary tensions.

Indigo: This means that the person is serious and sometimes depressed and his/her soul wants the person to work on the mood swings.

Royal Blue: When this color appears in the dream state, then chances are that the Vishudha Chakra or the Throat Chakra has energized itself so much that the person now is a master orator.

In the Blue color and even other color dreams, it is important that they be seen without external stimuli.

Pink: Pink color dreams are seen by healers or kind people who take joy in helping others. They are the folks who like to make a difference in the world. This dream is often a mark of an animal welfare activist, or a plant or tree protector. This person likes to make a positive contribution. A lighter hue of pink may mean a lack of enough passion in the person to walk the talk.

While a magenta or a darker hue of color pink is reflective of joy having eloped from the person’s missions thus distressing the Supreme Soul as well as the person’s soul. Please take some time out and start enjoying what you always loved! That is what your soul mission and purpose is!

Rainbow: Rainbow color dreams are like wish-fulfillment dreams especially if the person is using the law of attraction to manifest a single wish. Chances are that when you saw the rainbow color dream, you woke up with a start. If it indeed happened the way I describe then it is time to thank your Devtas or Angels or Guides because a major wish will be coming true. You do not need to see a rainbow in the sky, the colors could be arranged anywhere just giving the dreamer’s subconscious ‘idea’ of a rainbow.

Gold or Golden: This color dream only means one thing; Divine and high-vibrational energies are entering the person’s life like the Golden Snake dream. I recommend reading about the Golden snake dream for further clarification. Kundalini awakening and a major change in goalpost are coming for the soul. So hold on tight for one tough but extremely rewarding ride.

Silver: Like the color gold, the silver color dreams are representative of God’s positive energies like Angel Number 3333 surrounding you. Please read Angel Number 3333. Silver color splattered or seen in a dream is the sign of helpful spirits who will aid and help the dreamer in personal growth. The person may seek more signs if still in doubt.

To ask, go to your most clean and spiritual/or a holy corner and ask your Guides aloud your question or ask them to give you a sign or symbol you deem as holy. That would help you in understanding who you are dealing with and what is project they would help you in. I recommend reading Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and if not then simply chant Lord Hanuman’s name.

White: This color dream is the sign of purity, wholesomeness, and gaiety. If seen in dreams, then it is a sign of a contented soul ready for moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Most of the time, the elderly will see this color in their dreams, as it is the sign of a peaceful life cycle and a peaceful end of this life cycle. Otherwise, White may represent a lack of enough drive as well, since, a person is a contented and innocent soul and desires nothing anymore.

Angel Number 333 can be further read in the white color dream for more information.

Purple: This color dream is the ultimate sign of wisdom, happiness, gratefulness, and love of the Supreme Soul for the dreamer. Clairvoyance, ancient knowledge, healing by mere touch, ability to heal with thoughts, distance healing, and even communication with the Supreme Soul is enabled for the person as soon as the purple color appears in the dream. This is one of my favorite colors, but it is also rare to see the color purple in dreams. This color mostly appears to enforce the belief in the person that he/she indeed has a connection with the Supreme Soul and to not doubt it. If this color appears then it should be clear to the person that he/she need not ‘voice’ or ‘speak’ aloud his/her needs at all since the Supreme Soul is already well attuned with his/her vibrations. Whenever the person would be in need, whether he/she asks or not, Supreme Soul would send back-ups and help. When purple color appears in a dream, then remember that it is father-daughter and mother-son, type of a relationship that the person shares with the Supreme Power. I recommend the person seeing this color to read Angel Numbers 00, 000, and 0000 for enhanced understanding.

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Sand color, or Gerua: Gerua is a word Hindus use to depict darker hued Sand color. This color dream represents earthiness or grounding. The color is shown to individuals who have reached the fine balance between, let’s say, earth and sky or the 3d and 5d. If you this color dream, then you should know that gerua is also representative of the grounding of our desires or the wishes manifesting in our realm. This color is not ‘posh’ but very ‘real’ as it is a mix of saffron/orange, with the soil (an earth element), hence, spirituality rooted in ‘Earthiness’ becomes the trait of this person. So, if at any time you feared spiritual gifts thinking they would corrupt you by making you egoistic, then this is your answer, straight from the Supreme Soul delivered via the color dreams; that your grounding is so strong, that when your hands wield power, your mind would still stay humble. The person seeing this color dream may be a daredevil when it comes to achieving targets, but won’t bow down to anger or other vices.

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By Namta Gupta