Dragon dream meaning: You are a powerful being nurtured by the Universe

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Did you see a dragon dream?

Dragons are the precursors and harbors of great and ancient wisdom. They represent sharpness that is both unrelenting and unbridled which would never sway in front of injustice. What they believe in, the dragon will always fight for without an iota of fear.

Many may wonder if the dragons, like lions, hold a place in the spiritual world or are just a figment of imagination or just cultural icons only.

The only answer to this is that if you are into the Law of Attraction or do Bhakti with all heart, then having a dragon guide is your sign of you being a just soul.

Dragons also represent force and power that leads one to greater glory with guidance from the spiritual world.

5th dimension is where the dragons reside and it is crucial that we understand that they dislike unnecessary bickering or unstable emotions. Dragons like balance and to attract a dragon as a spiritual guide, a seeker will first have to achieve it. They appear to people in dreams and visions to either guide them or deliver messages.  These dragons are shy and often test one’s subconscious for bravery as they do not wish to scare or startle a person. Any signs of weakness and imbalance detected by the dragons, and they may never appear. If you wish to see the dragon be your guide, then try to be just and brave.

For starters, the seeker may see just their nails or just a bit of their tail, and then eyes, and only after assessing you properly will they reveal themselves. Thus you can be sure that the day you saw a dragon means that you are a brave and also an enlightened soul.

Remember that the dragons represent a just order, hence, I reiterate, their arrival demands that the seeker becomes extremely fair in every dealing. If you are kind, then kindness will return to you. However, do not allow yourself to be a doormat nor treat others with contempt. Treat them just the way you wish to be treated.

Dragons are of many colors but broadly, in dreams, they come in red, green, yellow, blue, white, and black.

Red dragon dream: Red dragon dream often also implies that the seeker’s Muladhara (Root) Chakra energy is raging. The red dragon dream also means that you must use your physical power to gallop towards your goal.

A red dragon dream, in which it is sitting and staring at the sky then it means that you desire to fly but despite all your powers, all you do is daydream. The dragon breathing out fire and flying means that you enjoy when you do your best and hardest work. Weight-bearing exercises are recommended for such individuals as these would make the Muladhara Chakra stronger. Meditating on लं (pronounced as lum as in lump) and worshipping Lord Hanuman is essential as after seeing the red dragon dream or vision your physical as well as financial prowess will increase manifold.

In a red dragon dream, if it is sitting on an egg or eggs then this means that you are a blessed being and soon will gain the ultimate trust of your Dev-Devi guides as they see you as their own ward since you also harbor the divine energy in plenty.

In a dragon dream, if the red dragon is seen chewing on a vegetable, then this begins your cycle of money and happiness.  At this stage, a clean satvik vegetarian diet (no egg, cigarettes, alcohol, meat, too oily or spicy, onion, and garlic) is essential as the dreamer’s chakras need to be attuned by the guides.

A red dragon staring at its reflection in a mirror means that the dreamer will always see their true self despite being misunderstood by others and therein lies their power, i.e. the dreamer knows what they are, and cannot be manipulated in any way.

A red dragon sipping water means a sign of happiness in the dreamer’s life while a dead red dragon implies that every dream of the seeker is dying or is dead as they did nothing to achieve them and they too know this plain fact very well.

A baby red dragon chopped by a knife or a sword in two and you see the murder but don’t bother means that your beloved project died because you didn’t put your passion into it.

A red dragon standing and asking you to either walk or fly with it means that you will have a very good guide in the upcoming days for you are truly worthy.

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Green dragon dream: Green dragons are a great symbol of inner harmony and the love that the dreamer has for all of the sentient as well as the non-sentient creation. A green dragon is about love and courage, but primarily it is about love that makes a person push their boundaries harder. Seeing a green dragon dream sometimes is, thus, seeing your soul’s true strength.

In a green dragon dream, if it is standing up and looking quizzical then this means that the dreamer is failing to recognize that love for all is nowhere their weakness but actually the greatest strength. Being generous in praise does not mean that you are buttering someone up, but that is just who you are; a soft and kind soul.

Seeing a green dragon dream also means that you will enjoy more in the company of nature and animals than humans. With the humans, you may have some trouble connecting because while you understand their bickering or angst, you will still fail to follow or absorb it. In the Angel Numbers, you will resonate mostly with 777 as you need peace to further your spiritual goals.

Walks in parks or deep green places are advised for those seeing green dragon dreams repeatedly for what you need is to be silent and meditate on who you truly wish to be with. Do you want to be around those who are not yours either in love, life or in communication/language?

Those who see a green dragon surveying an area, then it means that you are a higher level thinker and you find everyday and mundane issues uninspiring and just shrug and move away. If you fail to do so then start doing it as you have no solution for the stalemate the people or situation is in.

A green dragon petting a or a dog means that you are kind to everyone, even those who are considered violent or clingy.

A green dragon staring at its reflection in the water and smiling means that you like who you are and won’t change anything about yourself.

In a dragon dream, if the green dragon is flying while the thunder strikes along with lightning, then it is a warning that you are failing to control your rage and you are feeling suicidal. This is the sign of a good soul turning evil and soon becoming ready to plan, and wreak havoc.  Beware of such visions or dreams and immediately visit a local Hindu Temple. Seek out the seat of Lord Ram and place any flower at his feet and ask him to guide you at this stage. This is the best way to get the spiritual help you so desperately need.

Additionally, you may also clean your aura and chant यं/यम (pronounced as yum) 18 times so as to return to your original loving self.

Seeing a dying green dragon with blood oozing from its neck means that you, perhaps, due to pressure from society, have killed your voice and no longer soothe others with kind words. This is a tragedy and you should continue to be brave and speak your love towards all.

Go out, make friends with the tress and tell them how you feel, but never stop talking. You are the ‘kindness’ in flesh and that is your purpose as well. Your ability to bring peace to what is otherwise an inflammable situation is your hard-earned spiritual power. You are the peacemaker and you must use your power and cherish it.

In a dragon dream, if a green dragon is waking from its sleep then this means that you are ready to face the world in your full power.

A green dragon seeing a room full of people means that while your instincts remain sharp, yet, you remain non-judgmental.

A green dragon flying and breathing out fire means that you are fully pent-up to do your tasks with full vigor despite doubts over your capability.

Blue dragon dream: Seeing a blue dragon dream means that you are ready to speak your truth to the world be it via writing or speaking or through any form of art like painting, dancing, music, or even through something like flower arrangements. You very well understand the meaning of symbols and what a color or a rhyme would and should convey and at what stage.

Your Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra is as powerful as the strongest cyclone one can think of. The appearance of this dragon also means that you are an awakened master and will be able to ‘see’ and ‘speak’ to the cosmos.

The energy of this seeker will match this dragon’s as they both are, sort of, ‘one’ in ideas and philosophy.  If you saw a blue dragon, then you may be seeing snakes in dreams as well.  This is because snakes are also the guardians of knowledge and wisdom and appear to only those who seek answers but will not go astray after gaining them.

Blue dragons never appear without showing bits of them first, like their shadow, or tail, or just a bit of their eyes or a nail, etc. This is to first make the seeker aware that they are ‘there’ but only if you wish to see them will they appear. As I said, they appear to a select few because most people today speak what they are acclimatized to speak but not necessarily the ‘truth’ or the Dharma because that may harm or jeopardize them in some way.

The blue dragon will see how well you use your power to bring voice to the voiceless whom you must have been absolutely passionate about, for example, the farm animal rights and welfare but then you always shut up and go with the flow and say the same as others, that they deserve nothing. Or this could be about human rights or the rights of handicraft workers or anything you have always been passionate about.

How well you present and advocate the case of your interest is what the blue dragon energy is about and seeks in a dreamer. The only rider is that you advocate without ego and it is here where most people fail. Hence, if you saw a blue dragon in a dream then you know that you indeed mastered this fine quality.

In the dragon dream, if the blue dragon is sitting on hatching eggs then this means major artistic opportunities are coming to life.

A dead or murdered blue dragon is always a bad sign in a dragon dream since our voice is our expression and murdering it will always backfire on us and bring diseases and depression to us, so beware.

For a very select few, the blue dragon dream may also mean that this 5d entity will also soon come face to face in 3d and that is how much it trusts you.

Yellow dragon dream: Yellow dragon is one of the best signs of the Supreme Soul sent as a vision or a dream to push a seeker towards a lively life. Yellow dragons are great beings as they tell the seeker to let their hair down and enjoy their lives.

Yellow dragons reveal their form only when the Manipura (Solar) Chakra has started becoming extremely powerful and no amount of placid activities can satisfy it.

Heavy exercises like Hindu push-ups/dand, and yoga-Suryanamaskar with mantras repeatedly are advised to keep this energy in the positive zone.

Yellow dragons are signs of a surge in energy and thus seeing it is a great indication to do your best for your fitness as well.

Yellow dragon dreams are sporadic because they are meant for very powerful people and they appear only when these souls are not pumping their bodies with intensity, and the current level of athleticism/fitness has made their bodies weak. In such a scenario, one must start praying to the Surya Dev (Sun) and offer yellow flowers seeking his guidance.

Also, a visit to the nearby Temple is advised where Lord Indra or Goddess Durga should be offered yellow flowers. This way, it would bring about a balance in energy via the requested spiritual intervention.

A weak or skeletal yellow dragon on the verge of losing consciousness means that the dreamer’s Manipura Chakra is unable to function properly. Offering water to Surya Dev and doing Surya upasna (prayer to the Sun) along with Suryanamaskar with mantras is advised.

In the dragon dream, if this dragon is seen feasting on its own eggs and then falling afterward means that the fruits of extreme exercising and exertion have or will take a toll on the seeker’s body. You are advised to eat a light vegetarian meal but stay away from heavy vegetables as well and put those dry fruits away for a while.

In the dragon dream, if the yellow dragon is seen breathing out fire and flying higher and higher until it is as high as the sun then this is the sign that your energy is now like the Sun’s and can light up the planet. This is the mark of an awakened master who just cannot be stopped.

A yellow dragon hiding in trees or bushes ready to pounce on the seeker means that you will get the best surprise of your life as a powerful avatar (like Lord Ram) will become your pal. If you see a resting yellow dragon, then that means that your energy is fully functional and positive. The yellow dragon appears to those who may have seen the red dragon and Angel Number 212121.

White Dragon dream: White dragons appear when you or a seeker see only the best of the world. A white dragon represents innocence, wonder, and a heart that is always on the serene side.

White dragon will bring lots of rewards with regards to one’s meditation, focus, overall health, and also peace in the core of the seeker if desired.

White dragon seen in dreams or visions means that only the serene and content side of the seeker is surfacing or will be coming up as desired. White dragons will also bring an end to the cobweb of one desire after another. With the energy of the white dragon, the seeker will be able to see the door of Moksha soon and will find happiness in their own self.

White dragon is thus a great energy and will only appear when the seeker needs the force of the 5th dimension to achieve ‘peace’. Help is what this dragon provides provided you desire it.

If in the dragon dream, a white dragon is seen being chopped by the dreamer or burnt to ashes then this means that an end is in sight for all the association with spirituality and the 5th dimension energies/beings/entities.

If in the dragon dream, a white dragon is seen getting abused by a group then this will lead to the seeker being challenged out of their peaceful state to take on mundane affairs.

White dragon breathing out fire and flying far away means that the seeker is where they needed to be at spiritually and have achieved what needed to be achieved and no longer needs the aid of the 5th dimension.

A white dragon sitting or resting in a donut pose means that it is here to guide you while remaining unseen. It also says that while this energy is here to help, yet, first, the efforts should be made by the seeker themselves toward their goals. So do your best and a helping hand is right there.

A white dragon becoming a friend or coming close to the seeker, face-to-face in the dream, means that you are a friend of the beings/creatures of the 5th dimension and they see you as a valuable addition to the fraternity, in the flesh. From this dragon dream onwards, you will have regular visits from the 5th dimension beings who would reveal their true selves and give you in-person guidance.

Lion dream meaning: Remain vigilant as challenges come knocking!

A white dragon baby brings extremely good luck in money but an adult female dragon will lead to lots of feminine powers rising in the person i.e., arts of different kinds, make-up, hairdressing, fashion, etc. A white dragon family with a mother dragon, father dragon, and kid dragon will bring you closer to your soul family, and you will ascend to the next level of spirituality together.

Seeing a white dragon dream or a vision is thus a very positive development but let me also add that only one in a million will see this creation of the Supreme Soul. If you ever have the good fortune of seeing a white dragon, then offer sandalwood or rose incense with a white lotus for Lord Shiva. It is the mark of your gratefulness which is also the sign of an awakened soul and is necessary for all the living.

White dragons soring and coming down while circling as if ready to swoop is the sign that you will attain your wish or goal with the help of a higher force. Embrace it.

Black Dragon dream: Black dragon seen in a dream or a vision is a potent sign of destruction that is needed so that the seeker can again rebuild their spirituality. All habits that harm the seeker, all moral corruption, or stagnation in life have to be demolished with an iron hand and then a fresh start has to begin.

A bunch of black dragons seen in a dream looking at the seeker means that you have lots of helpers who can aid you in this demolition process, but still got to request it and let the inspiration and the guides fly toward you.

Black dragons may seem intimidating as they take away the safety net and also force the seeker out of their comfort zone but then, this is what is needed and they technically represent those who do not mind putting their own strength behind their ward/seeker.

Absolute power and extreme energy define the black dragon and this is what the seeker also wishes to manifest, and can easily attain as well, but need a little help. Black dragon dream comes and tells the seeker here, that don’t be a slave to your lifestyle, or thoughts, or anything else but rather show that you are powerful than even the sturdiest metal. Black dragon is thus a source of energy as well as a hard push towards your own goal by the Universe.

Supreme Soul says that after seeing the black dragon dream a seeker must go back to check the old manifestations. Now, checkmark the wishes that needed their full devotion and then gauge if this passionate project has not been achieved as yet, then change your course and first finish this because now this is nearer to completion than it ever was.

The black dragon’s paw outstretched means that the 5th dimension’s most loyal and powerful energy is looking out for you and wishes to see you succeed.

Black dragon sleeping in the donut pose means that it has the ability to see you reach the highest manifestation, provided you allow it to settle down next to you as your guide.

A black dragon laying an egg in the nest while a predator lurks, a lion for example, means that those who wish to succeed will find themselves often shrouded with either jealous folks or the naysayers that will harm the manifestation/project. After this particular dragon dream, offer a little milk to Lord Vishnu and ask His energy to stabilize yours so that you may sail through. Lord Vishnu is the energy of bringing order and stability and thus inviting Him respectfully is crucial.

If you see a black dragon hiding due to fear or being chased by an armed mob, then know that your doubts or fears are forcing your guides away from aiding and guiding you.

Golden snake dream meaning: Spiritual gifts are heading your way

Those who see a black dragon staring at its reflection while waiting for someone mean that you are the one they wish to help as you represent spirituality in power; like being a Prime Minister but being fair and ruling with only Dharma/Justice.

A black dragon flying far into oblivion while breathing out fire means that the being will soon be seen by you in the mortal realm/our world. This dragon will be like a friend, as you are now as good as it wanted you to be. This connection with the 5th dimension is now blending in with the 3rd dimension. You should however remember that they are like bulls and are immensely powerful. Be respectful and this connection will manifest in all and every life cycle. Do not fear them as they are the creatures of the Universe and are as dharmic as it gets but be respectful because they are of warrior energy and dislike insolence and abuse.

If the white and the black dragon appear together side by side, then they represent the highest level of non-Dev/Devi energy that any dharmic being can aspire for.

by Namta Gupta