Number 69 meaning: Your physical body needs care as spiritual ascendance becomes pronounced

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Number 69 represents changes made in the person’s past by the Supreme Soul for future growth and this number is also the sign of spiritual ascendance.

Number 69 is a sort of symbol of the high-level achievers who have been graced with the supreme grace of the Cosmos.

Those who saw Number 69 may have seen or are at present seeing numbers 11, 1111, and dog attack dream and are most likely to possess many spiritual powers in the upcoming days. I recommend reading about these.

This would happen due to divine feminine and the divine masculine energies becoming balanced and pronounced in the physical body of the one who saw this number.

As this stage comes nearer, one may find that some dormant diseases related to sex or skin come to the surface. The one who is seeing Number 69 must remember that at this stage it is important to release toxins and thus milk, curd, excessive sexual activities, and sour things must be avoided for the next 7-8 weeks.

The body in this stage, particularly the skin, may become extra sensitive and thus it is important to meditate. Chanting of (Om), the age-old Hindu Beej mantra as well as the worship of both the divine feminine and the divine masculine in the Ardhanarishwar form is advised as is walking and sweating at this time.

Neem and Tulsi leaves, especially neem leave compresses with saltwater baths are recommended. Keeping stomach free from constipation is necessary while a bit of fasting and increased water intake is also advised.

Coconut virgin oil should also be used on the body and skin to ease itching.

Number 69 is in a way the number of the Swadhisthana Chakra or the Sacral Chakra.

Hence the worship of Goddess Kali or Goddess Durga is of acute importance.

Number 69 is also a sign of supreme awareness of the body, especially skin, and self-held beliefs. Hence, it is advised to keep the body clean, nourished, and hydrated. Green teas, bitter gourd, and cleansing vegetables should be eaten. One may take Gond Kateera (Tragacanth Gum) to keep the body healthy and for calcium.

Number 69 is a sign that rarely ever is seen in dreams, except by those who are supremely connected with the Supreme Soul. Thus hardly one or two people in a millennium may see this number in the dream stage. Most of these people could be either entering or have entered the Dev/Devi stage of the awakening and will have the golden aura of the rich kind.

It is thus very important that those who see this number learn to be happy both within and outside. If Number 69 routinely appears, then do a prayer to the Mother Goddess and ask her to help you in Kundalini Jagran/Kundalini Awakening.

The Supreme Mother Goddess has the power to not just awaken the core self of the person but also grant them many boons regarding sexual health, a more productive healthy, and agile body, stronger bones, and a very enlightened mind. The people who see number 69 are awakened to a higher degree and may find themselves attracted to solitude but they are never ‘alone.’

They always have extremely strong Devis and Devtas as their protectors and Guides who help, educate, and nurture them on daily basis. The one who saw Number 69 is a rare individual, loved and respected by their Guides, Supreme Soul, and the society. Expect such a person to be a spiritual guide who would teach the world a new way to peace, bliss, and love in the upcoming days. This person may even be in a Twin Flame journey and will attract a very spiritual and high-vibrational partner.

Black feather meaning: Powerful Guides are protecting you!

By Namta Gupta