Pakistani Hindu persecution: India says raising issue at international forums

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India is keeping an eye on Pakistani Hindu persecution as well as other minority rights violations.

This was said by official spokesperson Raveesh Kumar during the weekly media briefing yesterday. Answering a question on the Pakistani Hindus the official spokesperson said that not only does Pakistan need to change its attitude towards the minorities but also, that India is steadily raising the issues of Pakistani minorities at international forums. This is one of the rare moments that India has spoken in favor of minorities despite her already relaxing rules for Long Term Visa for Pakistani Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians. The policy of silence when it comes to Pakistani Hindu persecution was broken by late Sushma Swaraj when she spoke out on the forced conversion of Reena and Raveena.

The journalist had asked (Verbatim):

Ramesh Warwani who is associated with Tehreek-e-Insaaf party and is an MP in the parliament of Pakistan, he has said in an interview to TV9 that forced conversion are taking place in Punjab and Sindh provinces. Imran Khan has also said things regarding this recently when in the US. India has raised this issue earlier also but how can we raise this issue and to what level we can raise this issue because somewhere it becomes an internal issue as Pakistan also makes remarks regarding India, so what all can be done in this regard?

The Spokesperson replied (Verbatim):

We have raised this issue earlier also regarding the treatment of minorities in Pakistan. Our minister has made a statement regarding this, we have also said that Pakistan needs to change its treatment towards its minorities, they need to give equal treatment to them. Whenever we get the opportunity we have raised this issue and especially in international forums we have definitely put this issue forward.

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